For most of us, the hardest part of any morning is choosing the right jewellery to accompany an outfit. Although we know how to throw together our clothing into a respectable look, the art of matching earrings requires a little more thought and expertise.

There’s much more to choosing earrings for your attire than simply grabbing the most sparkly ones or the most simple ones you can find, hoping they’ll work. By keeping a few basic rules in mind, however, you can always leave the house looking stylish and well put-together.

Consider the event

There is no doubt that where you’re going has a major impact on which earrings are right for the occasion. We’d advise not wearing your flashiest animal print hoops to a fancy dinner party (unless you are feel daring). If it’s a formal event you are attending, your earrings should be classically elegant.

Sterling Silver and Platinum Inside Out Hoop Earrings - £127.00

A set of small diamond hoops are perfect for adding a touch of subtle sparkle without overdoing it. Lafonn’s Sterling Silver and Platinum Inside Out Hoop Earrings are beautifully simple and refined. Set with Lafonn’s extraordinary Lassaire simulated diamonds, the stones are near indistinguishable from the real thing. Perfect for adding an essence of glam.

Polki Diamond Stud Earrings - £780.00

If you are getting ready for a day at the office, keep your earrings as minimal as possible. Comfort is key but so is professionalism: diamond or pearl studs are the best choice. Sally Agarwal’s Polki Diamond Stud Earrings radiate a contemporary yet disciplined look for work, whilst adding a touch of sparkle to a plain black, grey or pinstripe blouse and suit combo.

Amethyst Renaissance Earrings - £2,800.00

If you’re heading out for a date or taking a shopping trip with some friends, get a little more creative and play with the earrings you don’t consider often. Mara Hotung’s Amethyst Renaissance Earrings promise something a little more glamorous and eye-catching.

Made up of amethyst gemstones, these earrings ooze creativity and colour. This delightful piece will add a touch more interest to your outfit.

Flatter your face

Different styles and shapes of earrings can dramatically alter your face’s appearance. It is important to understand your face shape when deciding upon earrings to purchase. An oval, round or heart shaped face are the three most common shapes.


Pisa Mini Teardrop Earrings in Silver Rose Quartz - £49.00

If you have an oval face shape you are very fortunate. You can just about wear any style earring. But, the most flattering earring shape is either a small stud or a tear drop earring. Latelita London’s Pisa Mini Teardrop Earrings in Silver Rose Quartz are perfect to complement the contour of your face and cheekbones.


Double Drop Earrings - £198.00

Round face shapes tend to have fuller cheeks and a circular visage. Most people with round faces aim to lengthen, so, for earrings, choose drop or long, dangling style—both will help elongate your face. Lucy Quartermaine’s Double Drop Earrings will add a touch of glamour to your everyday wear whilst creating the illusion of a longer face.


Tassel Ball Rose Quartz Earrings - £495.00

If you have a heart face shape, your forehead is wider than your cheeks, and your face gets narrower towards the chin, forming the shape of a heart. Choose earrings that are wider at the bottom to balance out your face shape.

Latelita London’s Tassel Ball earrings in Rose Quartz will help fill in the lower portion of your face, whilst adding a classic chic vibe.

Stay in tune with your personality

The number one rule when accessorising is to stay true to your personality and your clothing style.


Everyday Medium Gold Hoops - £90.00

If you dress with a classically elegant vibe, finish off your look with a dainty pair of gold hoops. Avoid chunky pieces. Xissjewellery’s Everyday Medium Gold Hoops are light weight, making them perfect for wearing all day and all night. Made from 14kt gold, their lustre and shine will last for eternity.

They are the perfect addition to your jewellery box if you adore simplistic glam.


Gold Theda Large Tassel Earrings - £189.00

If you strive for a dramatic style, choose geometric or textured earrings. Cara Tonkin's Theda Tassel Earrings are perfect if your personality is bold and vibrant.

These earrings will add a stunning pop of colour to any outfit whilst embodying your individuality. Wear these with a pinned up hairstyle for maximum impact.


Element Air Drop Earrings - £126.00

Are you someone who loves the chic and feminine style? Choose earrings with rounded and curvy details to make the flow of your attire match. Lucy Quartermaine’s Elements Air Drop Earrings are elegantly divine.

Featuring beautiful flowing curves that represent the wind and air, these opposite designs look very feminine when worn. It is the perfect added addition to a floral summer dress or a pair of boho trousers.  

Coordinate with your hairstyle

Styling your jewellery to match your hairstyle is a skill that could make or break an outfit ensemble. To make sure that your overall look is perfect, it’s important to choose the right combination.


White Pearl Earrings - £259.00

If you are someone who prefers to wear their hair down, thin elegant hoops or studs are the best earrings to reach for. Wearing your hair down can cause a distraction from any earrings you wear, so, don’t let them blend in, choose White Pearl Earrings by Oh My Christine Jewelry. Ladylike, modern and perfect for everyday, these earrings will stand out against your locks.

White Deco Chandelier Earrings - £150.00

What is it they say about opportunity, the world is your oyster? Well, if you style your hair into an updo, your earring choice is endless. Sleek high buns, messy ponytails, any style of earring will look dazzling. For a timeless appeal, choose Lustre of London’s White Deco Chandelier Earrings.

Made from 224 flawless round brilliant cuts, with a white rhodium high gloss finish, this luxury accessory is elegant and captivating. Perfect for formal dinners and sophisticated date nights.


Willow Chandelier Earrings - £593.00

If you have shoulder length hair, finding the perfect earrings should be quite simply. Use the end of your hair as a reference to the length you should choose. Your earrings can be colourful and quite large, but make sure they don’t fall past the line of your shoulders.

Gurhan’s Willow Chandelier Earrings are the perfect piece. Flowing freely, these earrings will stand out, creating a statement of their own.

Top tip: don’t choose earrings that are long and thin as they are sure to get lost in your hair.