Acne Studios AW19
The month of menswear fashion has come to a close, with Celine concluding Paris Fashion Week Men’s last night with their first menswear collection at the Place de la Concorde. This has been a riveting time for jewellery enthusiasts. Not only have many designers used their jewellery to make social comments on important issues such as gender and masculinity. But also it is visible that the industry of men’s jewellery is accelerating, evolving and pulsating with innovation and creativity. Paris Fashion Week Men’s was the climactic point of the month. Whilst incredible street style was exhibited in London, Florence and Milan, PFW witnessed major fashion houses such as J.W. Anderson, Acne Studios and Givency making confident styling choices with their jewellery.

There’s a reason why Paris always has the most impressive and extensive schedule during Fashion Week. Parisian style has always been considered superior. Perhaps this is because their style goes beyond clothing. It encompasses how they talk, what they drink, their eternally cigarette-stuffed pouts and casual swigs of espressos. They exude effortless elegance with an arrogant edge. As Ernest Hemingway once said:

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

This quote perfectly epitomises why a Frenchman’s style is anything but gauche. Parisian style manifests from the inside to the out, carving an identity which becomes intuitive and authentic. Inspired by the jewellery seen at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, discover the Parisian man’s guide to dressing and find your own confident flair for jewellery.

Tip #1: Minimal = Maximum

New York-based fashion and art director, Mario Horne (@wvrio) harnesses that effortless Parisian style with key wardrobe staples imbued with personal touch. His looks are never overdone and always convey authentic edge. Parisian style resides in the ‘minimal effort maximum gain’ philosophy. Mario pairs blue jeans with an oversized blazer, using a few silver jewellery items for an effortless attention to detail. Follow his Instagram and discover how to put together chic ensembles which combine Parisian elegance with New York finesse.


Tip #2: Be considerate

Upon discovering Karlmond Tang, I soon realised that his influence surpasses the mere ‘visual’. What is especially intriguing about Karlmond is how, for the creative, thought, reflection and conversation are inseparable from style. Through pursuing his posts, it is so refreshing to see how emotion can be used to inspire fashion choices. Karlmond makes a critical point in demonstrating how fashion and narrative are bound. I look down to the rings on my fingers and consider how each harbours its own story. Karlmond reminds us of the basic philosophy that fashion should reflect the wearer - it is something that you carry within. Oh - and his style is exceedingly authentic! Follow @karlmond (or check out his website) and discover how to master your own personal style.


Tip #3: You do you

One of the key ways to embrace Parisian style is to channel the attitude that comes with it. Parisian style encompasses one’s character, mannerisms and quirks. Stylist Léonard Diga (@lennyoffduty) reflects the Parisian approach to dressing through a refined palette of chic clothing. One gains a sense of ‘Leonard’ through his eclectic but eternally elegant looks, showing how personal style can inspire conversation. Whether your style resides in the minimal or the eccentric, use fashion, accessories, and jewellery as an extension of you.


Tip #4: Invest in a ring... or five

From Louis Vuitton to Comme des Garcons, statement rings have been a recurring jewellery item throughout men’s fashion month. Model Dylan Christensen (@pills_and_palmtrees) has become a very familiar face over the past week, walking for some of the top fashion houses such as Acne Studios and Paul Smith. It is evident that authentic style is second nature to the 20-year-old. His collection of hip-hop-esque knuckle art alone is a sight to swoon over. Parisian style is spontaneous and unapologetic. The youthful and carefree approach to fashion displayed by the young model makes him a useful person to follow for fashion inspiration.

Tip #5: Details, details, details 

He may not be from Paris, madame… but he sure could have fooled me. This modest ‘fashion-kid’ holds many talents as a fashion consultant, blogger and entrepreneur. Eric Jess (@ericjess) displays an unpretentious and natural flair for fashion which reflects the Parisian mode effortlessly. The maturity of Jess’ style lies in his finesse for intricate details, whereby socks and undershirts are just as significant as coats and bags in fashioning a look. Quality and consideration are two admirable aspects of Jess’ aesthetic. Discover how to create striking details through your jewellery with the expert example of Eric Jess.


We’ve seen the street style of Londoners (read here), the high fashion trends from Milan (read here) and now the fashion flair of France. This month of men’s fashion has truly been a feast for the eyes. The mature, chic and bold approach to jewellery exhibited by designers has proved just how significant jewellery is in finishing a look. Here are my top three jewellery items I think all men should have to channel the latest jewellery trends:


Cherubino Brooch Eon Fragment Pendant Medium Jamestown Green Bloodstone Gold Ring

Vintouch Italy | Cherubino Brooch | £59.00
Albert Tse Metalsmith | Eon Fragment Pendant Medium | £179.00