Jeanne Damas Style

Parisian style is effortless, natural and understated. A quick brush of the hair and a swift application of lipstick is the dream morning routine. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more effort to take my bedhead from bleak to chic. Fashion model and brand consultant, Jeanne Damas, has mastered the art of dressing. For those of you unacquainted with the modest fashion icon, Jeanne Damas is the ultimate French girl. Her endlessly sophisticated style comes from an innate flair for fashion and accessorization. Her signature aesthetic of wine stained lips and polished-messy hair advocates a ‘minimal effort maximum gain’ fashion philosophy.

For many of us, getting ready in fifteen minutes is an unattainable fantasy. However, Jeanne Damas proves that a few key make up, clothing, and jewellery pieces are all you need for you to rock the French aesthetic with ease. Discover how to get Jeanne Damas’ Parisian style with these key jewellery items that will elevate anything you wear.

A Coin Necklace

Coin necklaces are this season’s hottest trend. The coin necklace was reborn when Jeremy Scott adorned his models with chunky coin necklaces. Since then, coin necklaces have soared in high fashion, with Chanel and Oscar de la Renta embellishing their looks with the ancient trinket. Jeanne Damas clearly knows how to stay on trend. Look how she styles a classic floral dress with a classic coin necklace, forming an elegant ensemble. Style over a plain black t-shirt and jeans, or a feminine floral dress like Jeanne, for an effortless look that exudes Parisian elegance. 

Get the look:

Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin Plated Sterling Silver Double Coin Necklace 14kt Gold Plated Plato Necklace

 Hoops With An Edge

Delicate embellished hoop earrings are a key jewellery piece for men and women alike. These Renaissance-inspired gold cross hoops that Jeanne wears reflect the Baroque jewellery trend that has emerged over the past year. Think Met Gala 2018 meets 18th century Versailles. Jeanne lets these earrings take centre stage with an understated smudge of rose lipstick and messy hair. Embrace the natural look with delicate and beautiful hoop earrings - I’m confident we have the perfect pair for you to rock. 

Get the look:

Pisa Mini Teardrop Earrings Gold Peridot Rose Gold & Diamond Millennium Hoop Earring Gold Diamond Small Hoop Earrings


This Charming (Wo)man

The best items of jewellery are always the ones that carry sentiment. I’m sure charm bracelets take many people back to their childhood. My mother used to give me a charm every birthday for my delicate silver charm bracelet. The feeling of adding on another charm felt magical, and even today I wear the bracelet on special occasions. Charm bracelets are for life, and they’re certainly on trend. Since Diane von Furstenberg used charm bracelets to embellish her SS18 collection, this nostalgic jewellery item was revitalised. Jeanne Damas shows how elegantly charm bracelets can be styled, with a summer dress and a classic fedora. Invest in a charm bracelet and relive your childhood memories.

Get the look: 

18kt Peridot Charm Bracelet Just So Leaf Charm Bracelet Gold Imperial Charm Bracelet


Delicate Rings

To create her elegant and understated aesthetic, Jeanne sports a beautiful range of gemstone rings. Stacking rings are one of this season’s top trends. An eclectic range of delicate rings is a chic and feminine way to convey personal style. I always opt for gemstone jewellery for its fine and dainty quality. It evokes the perfect balance between understated and striking. Harness Jeanne’s effortless style with our range of gemstone and/or stacking rings for a simple trick to enhance your everyday outfit.

Get the look:

Oda Ring In Yellow Gold 18kt Yellow Gold For Mara Ring With Rubies Trilogy One Stone Rose Ring

We can all learn some style tips from Jeanne Damas. If anything, she encourages us to embrace our natural beauty. Damas champions her uniqueness and originality. Find those key pieces that will enhance your personal style and, more importantly, make you feel great.
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