Peaky Blinders style

Everyone wants to channel the Peaky Blinders sleek and vintage style. The fifth season of Peaky Blinders is well underway, meaning all the drama, violence and alluring fashion is back on our TV screens. Since the shows air in 2013, the revival of fin-de-siecle and 1920s fashion has spread like a sartorial plague in the fashion industry. Even David Beckham has taken it upon himself to fully adopt the Peaky Blinders aesthetic, transforming the classic flat cap into a men’s staple accessory.

Birmingham, the setting of the hit TV drama, has a long and renowned history relating to jewellery. The Jewellery Quarter is a famous area in central Birmingham, which once boasted the status of being Europe’s largest concentration of jewellery businesses. From the Russian jewellery heist to Grace’s cursed sapphire, jewellery is a significant motif in Peaky Blinders.

Today we’re celebrating the gripping show by looking at some of the best jewellery pieces and styles of the Peaky Blinders. From Alfie’s knuckle-dusting rings to Polly’s precious gemstones, discover how to get the Peaky Blinders style effortlessly.

Tommy Shelby - Mara Hotung cufflinks - £85

Tommy Shelby cufflinks

The Peaky Blinders men's accessorization is refined and considered. Flat caps and pocket watches take on the function of uniform, distinguishing the Brummy gang from the masses. Tommy Shelby’s style is sleek and simple. His jewellery is minimal, reduced to cufflinks, tie pins and his pocket watch. Cufflinks are a classic mens accessory, offering the perfect opportunity to add a splash of authenticity into a conservative look. These gold cufflinks by Mara Hotung feature a subtle pale red ruby. The Peaky Blinders wear nothing but the best, so feel poised and confident with a pair of premium cufflinks.

Grace Shelby - Zeina Nassar Jewelry's (not cursed) sapphire necklace - £168

Peaky Blinders Grace sapphire necklace

Grace’s death was a pivotal point in the series. Tommy is told by Tatiana Petrovna that the sapphire Grace is wearing a cursed sapphire, and we all know what happens next. The show draws upon traveller culture to thread superstitious narratives throughout the drama. Given the tantalising look of the sapphire, it’s no wonder these gems were thought to be cursed… Zeina Nassar’s sapphire is a much safer alternative I assure you. Set in 18kt yellow gold and featuring a 17 inch chain, this captivating piece emanates beauty.

Alfie Solomons - PHIRA LONDON's signet ring - £269

Peaky Blinders Alfie Signet ring

Alfie Solomons is a well-loved character in Peaky Blinders. From his punchy humour to his renowned slurred speech, Alfie is the clownish yet dangerous antihero of the drama. Alfie and Tommy liaise in a jewellery rouse involving the Russians, in which Alfie is encouraged to pose as a jeweller. Out of all the Peaky Blinders men, Alfie is certainly the most eccentric with his fashion. Stacking his rings with gemstone signets and various rings, this is a look that many men today favour. Look as opulent as Alfie with a signet ring that commands attention.

Polly Gray - Goldspindel drop earrings - £3,616

Polly Gray peaky blinders earrings

Polly is hands down my favourite character in Peaky Blinders. She radiates power and has the poise of a queen. Who wouldn’t want to feel as empowered as Polly Gray? The costume in Peaky Blinders deserves huge praise. Polly’s rise in power is signified through her style, which starts feminine and then takes on a much more androgynous aesthetic, with three-piece suits and ties. From gemstone brooches to simple drop earrings, Polly’s jewellery is as adaptable as her character. But Goldspindel’s black labradorite earrings sum up her style perfectly - elegant and bold.

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