Fed up with your everyday style? Do you want to change up your style without buying a whole new wardrobe? Well, the easiest way to transform your everyday style is through jewellery, because after all, an outfit is never fully put together without those finishing touches.

It is important to remember that boho isn’t just about looking like you’re attending a festival. So, read on to discover your essential guide on how to incorporate boho in your everyday style. From turquoise rings to tassel earrings, we have got you covered.


As seen on the likes of actress Vanessa Hudgens, one of Hollywood's adorable hippie chicks, beaded accessories create the ultimate boho style. Whether worn individually or layered, beaded accessories come in several variations of colour, size, and material, and are the easiest way to add boho flair into your everyday style.  

Leandra Necklace - £379.00

Choose Ronimor Designs Leandra Necklace to show off your artistic side and down-to-earth personality. Known for crafting luxury jewellery with a modern and feminist twist, this necklace is made up of 3 different gemstones, Carnelian, Onyx and Pyrite, adding a luxurious yet soft touch to your everyday outfit.

Style this necklace with a dainty chain and a chunky choker to create that everyday free-spirited vibe. This necklace has a clean finish when paired with a plain white tee, but if its the weekend pull out your favourite patterned dresses and layer away.

Elle Bracelet - £97.00

A beaded necklace is the best way to start, but we are obsessed with beaded bracelets. They are easy to wear and go with everything, making it much simpler to get ready in the mornings. For an earthy feel, Ronimor Designs Elle Bracelet is the perfect piece.

Combining a selection of gorgeous gemstones in rustic shades, for us, this bracelet represents freedom, movement and a desire for exploration, and this is why it is on our wishlist.

This bracelet has the power to make any outfit look and feel more relaxed. It can be hard to satisfy your boho side when you are dressing professionally five days a week, but being a career woman doesn't have to put a damper on this style. Add this bracelet to bring texture and creativity to your outfit

Touch of Turquoise

Be the queen of boho with a touch of turquoise. A tranquil and refreshing colour, it's no wonder why so many cultures across the world have embraced it. A boho vibe is often characterised by touches of turquoise, and because of its versatility, you can wear it in a variety of ways.

Personally, turquoise gemstones are our favourite for the boho style. Why’s that? Three reasons: It’s a protective stone, once used as amulets by soldiers of past centuries; it’s thought to have strengthening and healing abilities; and it has a calming effect on its wearer, bringing them peace and serenity.

Could there be a more perfect gemstone for boho vibes?

14kt Yellow Gold Turquoise Ring - £509.00

For an everyday boho chic style, feature a simple, oversized statement ring. We love Lali Jewels 14kt Yellow Gold Turquoise Ring for a soft yet extravagant vibe. Made from different sized sleeping beauty turquoise stones, this ring possesses an awe-inspiring simplicity that stimulates a shabby chic vibe.  

So if you’re not ready to rock a ring as big as your palm, this is the one for you.

Style the 14kt Yellow Gold Turquoise Ring with clothing in lighter shades to ooze femininity.

Turquoise Martha Tassel Earrings - £69.00

If you desire to bring more boho edge to your everyday style, mix turquoise and metallics. The Turquoise Martha Tassel Earrings by Clare Hynes are crafted with a hand-woven gold-plated brass chain, combined with gold-plated brass earring posts, gold-plated brass discs and nugget beads and bright turquoise tassels.

What more of a mix could you ask for?

Radiating free spirited summer vibes, these earrings look incredible when paired with soft patterned garments. If you reach into your wardrobe everyday for stripe shirts or lace t-shirts, these earrings need to be in your jewellery box.

Big Hoops

A big pair of hoop earrings are definitely a must-have for boho lovers. Whether you opt for silver feather hoop earrings, or organica gold hoops, this accessory has such a gypsy-esque, dramatic look that automatically adds the boho flair.

Sterling Silver Oval Gemstone Feather Hoop Earrings - £4,134.00

Choose Suciyan’s Sterling Silver Oval Gemstone Feather Hoop Earrings for an update on the classic hoop. The number one rule of boho jewellery is to strive for items that are unique and original. And these hoops represent exactly that.

These fashionable oval earrings are accented with burnt orange sapphires and brown diamonds, creating a sophisticated yet quirky design.

These earrings are part of Suciyan’s Odyssey Collection, which is influenced by the narrative of a goddess who travels in a celestial form. So if you are looking to create a story with your jewellery, this is most definitely the piece you should add to your everyday wardrobe.

Organica Large Gold Hoops - £165.00

If you are a more ‘gold is bold’ type of lady, then Militza Ortiz Organica Large Gold Hoops have your name written all over them (not literally). Inspired by mythical sea creatures and their habitats, these hoop earrings are a raw, organic and intricately textured design.

Finished off with elegant pearls, these earrings combine a classic design with a boho edge.

Perfect to adorn your ears with a touch of boho. Style your hair in a high messy bun for maximum impact.


If you're opt for fringed shorts, vests, and tees, as part of your everyday wardrobe, then tassel jewellery, such as earrings and fringe necklaces, should be on your list of must-haves. Tassel detail is a quirky, fun and helps to show your playful side.

Light Blue Martha Tassel Earrings  - £69.00

Tassel earrings have been making waves on this year as the must have accessory. And we completely understand why. Get your bohemian fix with these Light Blue Martha Tassel Earrings from Clare Hynes. The combination of stunning silver and vivid colours give these earrings a distinctly ethnic and tribal feel.

Inspired by a love of travel, and more specifically the beauty and creativity of The Philippines, these earrings will add a stunning pop of colour to your outfit. Spice up your crispy white shirts, or pair them with a floral dress and you will feel like a bohemian goddess.

Platinum Tassel Necklace - £83.00

Do you want to make a boho statement everyday? Well, we have just the item for you. Cosanuova’s Platinum Tassel Necklace pairs beautifully with everything in your wardrobe and more importantly, adds the bohemian vibe.

Made from swarovski crystal with a tassel length of five inches, this necklace creates an aesthetic of elegance that perfectly complements you.

To incorporate this necklace into an everyday style, pull out those basic white tees. Layering the Platinum Tassel Necklace over a blank canvas will enhance your creative side.