It’s Christmastime, there’s no need to be afraid. Especially when we have a gorgeous selection of Christmas Colour themed pieces here at JewelStreet. Why not embrace the festivities by incorporating a splash of Christmas colour into your style? We have a luxurious collection of romantic reds, iridescent greens, and a variety of chocolate box colours that will make you eager to crack open that tin of Quality Street early.

The great thing about the Christmas colour scheme is the fact it is predominantly made up of primary colours. These jewellery pieces are not just confined to the festive season, therefore, and can be proudly worn all year round.

Looking for a healthier alternative to a box of chocolates?

Leave the carrots for the reindeers this year, and indulge in some Chocolate Box Colours. Full of multi-coloured gems and pastel tones, the Chocolate Box collection is ideal for the festive season.

Feast your eyes on the bright and playful shades below. All pieces are expertly handcrafted by artisans from across the world, and embody the true magical nature of Christmas. Embrace some radiant colouring into your life this Christmas, and receive all the compliments. You can thank us later!

Chocolate Box Ring  Chocolate Box Ring  Chocolate Box Ring

Alexandra Alberta | Belle Dangle Amethyst Tourmaline Ring | £350.00
Bergsoe | Gold & Diamond Band Ring | £2,454.00

Show the Grinch how glamorous green can be…

Why not incorporate a little something different into your style this year? Add a touch of green to your accessories and you’ll become instantly ready for any Christmas event. The Banana Leaf collection with Emerald Stems by Betty Balaba are the perfect choice.

With an understated and minimalist brush of green, they work seamlessly with any outfit or colour-palette. Having been crafted in 18kt yellow gold, these earrings embody the quality and excellence that Betty Balaba is renowned for. They echo the natural aura of organic shapes, specifically the Matoke banana tree.

Banana Leaf    Banana Leaf    Banana Leaf

Betty Balaba Banana Leaf Gold Necklace With An Emerald Stem, Banana Leaf Gold Dangling Earrings With An Emerald Stem | £620.00 and £805.00

Take a leaf out of Rudolph’s book, and wear red this Christmas...

You guessed it. Red is a major colour trope during Christmastime. Take a look at these handcrafted jewellery pieces that are dominated by this bold dash of colour. 

The Gold Seafire Earrings by Bergsoe are set with eye catching coral, sapphire and spinel stones, and are accented with sparkling diamonds. They feature a contemporary design that showcases a unique organic flow of materials, with an arrangement and shape that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Like a constellation of stars in the night sky, the glistening stones and diamonds trail down to a luxurious red stone drop. This is a timeless piece; its alternative design makes it immune to fluctuating trends.

 Gold Seafire Earrings    Gold Seafire Earrings

BergsoeGold Seafire Earring With Coral, Sapphire, Spinel & Diamonds | £2,034.00

The Freeform Tonneau Pendant by talented designer Karin Bauermeister of Bijoux Individuels is another gorgeous red piece to wear during the festive period. Of course, red is synonymous with Christmas. But this is a piece that you can recycle for Valentine's Day as well. This is a truly one-of-a-kind piece, and there is only one in existence.

 Freeform Tonneau Pendant    Freeform Tonneau Pendant

Bijoux Individuels | Freeform Tonneau Pendant | £316.00

What could be better than both the holly and the ivy?

Red and Green is a traditional colour pairing that dates back to the 14th century. It is a tried and tested colour combination that will be eternally associated with Christmas. We’ve sourced some items straight from Santa’s sleigh, and wish we could see the look on your faces when you unbox them.

These Blossom Sparkling Earrings by Joana Salazar feature in our top picks for Christmas colours this season. This is a timeless and unique colour palette, alongside a timeless and unique design. Where could you possibly go wrong?

 Blossom Sparkling Earrings   Blossom Sparkling Earrings

Joana Salazar | Blossom Sparkling Earrings | £5,765.00