Does your jewellery get inexplicably tangled? Well you’re not alone. I can’t even guess how much time I’ve wasted sat at my dresser trying to untangle jewellery before I head out. You’re dressed up and ready to go, but you find your favourite necklace in a web of metal - how is this possible when it’s just been sat in your jewellery box!? And don’t get me started on travelling. The last thing you want to do on holiday is get frustrated and flustered trying to detangle your jewellery.

Lucky for you, I’ve found the top storage solutions that will keep your jewellery nice and tangle-free forevermore. From travel-savvy clutches to DIY tips, say goodbye to tangled jewellery and hello to a stress-free approach to accessorization.

DIY Solutions

How to keep your jewellery untangled  How to keep your jewellery untangled   How to keep your jewellery untangled

Use old business cards
Remember that time you optimistically ordered 1000 business cards that are now sat in a cupboard? Well you can finally put them to good use! Recycle your business cards to store your loose earrings and necklaces and say bid your tangled tantrums farewell. With earrings you can pierce two holes in the card and store multiple studs safely in your purse or jewellery box. You won’t be losing any earrings with this trusty trick. If you cut two splits down the top of the card, you can secure and wrap your necklaces around the card keeping them safe and detangled when travelling.

Recycle a ribbon
Check out this nifty and stylish way of storing earrings. Hang or pierce your earrings through the ribbon and keep your earrings neatly paired up. You can get creative and hang a ribbon above your dresser for a cheap and chic storage method for your jewellery box.

Hang your necklaces up
This DIY driftwood hanger is a creative and aesthetically striking way of keeping your necklaces tangle-free. Fasten some nails or pins to a piece of wood (even a hangover would do!) for a storage solution that is chic and stylish.

Travel Solutions

How to keep your jewellery untangled How to keep your jewellery untangled

Use paper straws
Want to save the planet whilst solving all your tangled jewellery problems? Use paper or recycled plastic straws to prevent your jewellery from getting tangled when you pack for your holiday. Simply thread your layered pendants or chain bracelets through the straw and voila! You will reach your destination with neat, tangle-free necklaces ready for you to hit the town!


Invest in a travel clutch
If you’re a bit of a jet-setter and don’t have time to fiddle around with DIY solutions, invest in a jewellery travel clutch bag. These accessories have all the compartments you need to keep all your jewellery pieces separate and safe.


How to keep your jewellery untangled How to keep your jewellery untangled

Get a jewellery box with multiple compartments

The simplest solution to preventing your jewellery from getting tangled is to invest in a jewellery box that has different compartments and dividers. Organise your jewellery into categories and keep each category in a separate place. You can buy jewellery boxes with little pigeon hole compartments. Put a separate piece of jewellery in each segment and you’ll be the queen of organisation (and tangle-free jewellery!)