Wearing gold jewellery should make you feel special. Though, as you'll see it doesn't need to be super expensive. Gold plating brings the cost down and - to all but specialist eyes - looks just as good. 

Our first part of this blog covered the basics of gold as a material. Click through here to read it. 

Our style advice is always simple: wear what you want and what makes you feel good, with no apologies. 

Here we'll look at a few pointers for how to make gold jewellery part of both your special-occasion and everyday looks.

A woman wears a gold chakra necklace 

Seven Chakras necklace in yellow gold by Nicofilimon

Gold in colours

Most of us follow basic colour-matching and mixing rules without even thinking about it. 

When you buy jewellery you should consider your natural colours - skin tone, hair - as well as any outfits you might want to wear your new gold necklace with. 

Most jewellery owners don't want what they've bought to blend in. Jewellery is often small and delicate, so contrasts help to make more of it. 

Gold isn't simply "golden", and comes in a set of shades that can work with any body and any outfit. 

Rose gold is warmer and darker. 

White gold is silver. 

Gold earring

See the different effect of these earrings by Xavier Civera, above in rose gold, below in white

White gold earring

And most gold jewellery isn't just gold.

Precious stones (or other materials) will bring their own colours, textures, and lights too. All need to be considered. 

Gold with colours 

We help jewellers sell their beautiful work. So we see a lot of their decisions about how to show these pieces off to their best. 

And if sales photography is as good a guide as it should be then then try wearing your gold jewellery with something black first.

Black is high contrast, and most shades and finishes of gold will shine out against it. Given the choice, jewellers display gold jewellery against black cloths. 

Gold jewellery by K ' S A R R A

Black is a natural contrast for gold jewellery, as this yellow gold-plated SAYA Bracelet by K ' S S A R A shows

Big and bold gold? 

Jewellery has many functions in your wadrobe. 

Sometimes you wear it to show off. 

Sometimes to accent. 

Sometimes to play supporting second fiddle to another item. 

"Rules" and our advice is of limited use where your own taste is absolutely the best guide. 

Going big is tempting with gold items. That can come at a cost that can be offset by shopping for plated items. 

You're wearing the archetypal precious metal. You may as well let people know. 

Gold stacking ring with diamonds

No-one will miss this 18kt Yellow Gold & Diamonds Gator Stack Ring by Hazel NY

Solo gold and mix and match 

Gold is a popular jeweller's material. 

It's not just rare and precious, it's wonderful to work with. It can be stretched and hammered and twisted and forged into all sorts of structures. 

You'll find every type of jewellery made from gold. It can be chunky or thin, delicate or robust in size and shape. And you'll find rings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from - or featuring - gold. 

Some style guides will tell you to wear gold as a standalone. 

Others will tell you to mix it with other materials. Or to increase its impact by layering or stacking it. 

We think you should do both, when each suits you and the items you own. 

Necklaces and bracelets and rings can all be worn in ensembles - in theory. Many are designed deliberately to stack in sets. 

Gold stacking bracelet

This gold-plated and garnet veneto bangle by Mishanto London can be worn singly but is designed to stack

A gold and diamond salamander brooch

This vintage gold and diamond salamander brooch by Lori Mesa antiques & fine jewelry is best worn proudly alone

It's about you. It's about the piece

There is no need to move too far beyond our perennial advice to buyers of any jewellery: buy and wear what you love, what you think looks good on you, and what makes you feel great about yourself. 

Independent designers are a good way to find pieces that really reflect your personality. Is it really credible to say that a mass-produced piece made in its hundreds of thousands is personally reflective? 

We don't think so. 

Try JewelStreet today and use our menus, filters, and search to find the gold jewellery that speaks to you.