If the idea of buying (another!) synthetic wig with a matching hat and the dreaded clip on earrings you’ll never wear again feels like a waste of money, we might just have the solution. Many of the go-to fancy-dress costumes that pop up year upon year (...we see all you Cersei Lannisters out there) involve stunning arrangements of jewels that you’ll want to wear again and again… so why don't you do just that?


Wear it again.

Fridha Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is always a popular choice for Halloween, and with her extravagant displays of statement jewels and floral dresses, its not hard to see why! Shop below for Kahlo-esque statement pieces that can be worn all year round, not just for Halloween!

...All you need to find is a thick enough brow pencil to replicate those brows.

Eucalyptus Climber Earrings, Liz Earle, £140Universal Heart Necklace, Karla Mertens, £3,072Farrah Earrings, Francesca Lacagnina, £3,170

Breakfast At Tiffany's Holly Golightly 

Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly is the poster child for all things 'It Girl'. Her iconic look can be replicated year-upon-year and what's more, with staple pearls and diamonds, her jewellery choices can be worn all day, everyday!


Crystal Necklace, Kim Poor, £620Blooming Earrings, Elements, £252Waves Necklace, Franco Paine, £2,153


Absolutely Fabulous' Patsy

Patsy's iconic Ab Fab style is easy to replicate, from the classic 80's tailoring (white of course) to the statement gold jewellery, gaudy footwear and monstrously large sunglasses. 

...don’t forget a bottle of vodka and staple cigarette to complete the look.

Mood Earrings, Haathi House, £1,152Personalised Ring, Thea Jewelry, £138Persh Cuff, Second Daughter, £109


Although iconic, Cher is a relatively new Halloween inspiration. With all things glittered, gemstoned and feathered, Cher is also, arguably the easiest Halloween costume to create! 

Diamond Drop Earrings, Clearwater Diamonds, £2,580Vesta Diamond Ring, Flawless Jewellery, £2,040Shining Star Drop Earrings, Diamoire, £465

Game Of Thrones Cersei Lannister

Although relatively new, Cersei' Lannister's popularity is growing at an astounding rate. Her costume popularity not character that is. With those swooping gowns, long golden locks and statement necklaces its hard not to admire the Queens style. 

All you need now is the giant bodyguard to watch your back... 

Ophelia Cuff, Private Opening, £1,520Silver Bobble and Twinkle Necklace, FrillyByLilly, £157Cluster Of Slices Pendant, Tashan Jewelry, £1,675