When it comes to clothes, jewellery is the finishing touch that brings a look together. The same can be said with nails. A good manicure can change the whole concept of an outfit, which is the same as jewellery. Striking the right balance is crucial, so today we’re showing you the jewellery you should wear to compliment your manicure. We’re solely focusing on rings and bracelets - accessories that will really make your hands stand out. From french tips to neon colours, the smallest details make the biggest difference. 


French tips

French tips 18kt White Gold Jardin Ring lll

Ortaea Fine Jewellery | 18kt White Gold Jardin Ring III | £12,990

French tips are the most popular style of manicure. They are simple, elegant and professional. They allow you to experiment with your jewellery, with their neutral minimalist base. Pick a ring with simple colours but an OTT design. Try a ring with an open style that wraps around the finger, or a ring that stretches over two or more fingers. The 18kt White Gold Jardin Ring III from Ortaea Fine Jewellery has an intricate floral pattern and boasts rows upon rows of sparkling diamonds. It’s the perfect ring to go alongside classic French tip nails.



Sparkles Gold Cute Oval Bracelet

ChloBo | Gold Cute Oval Bracelet | £85

Nothing screams party like sparkly nails. Glittery gold or silver nails are the perfect accompaniment to the festive season. Match the sparkles with equally sparkly jewellery. For example, pick gold glitter nails and pair them with simple gold rings or stacks of gold bracelets. The Gold Cute Oval Bracelet from ChloBo has a beautiful colour and stacked with similar gold bracelets will complete a sparkly party look.



Black Yellow Gold Plated Magma Kate Cocktail Ring

Nadia Minkoff | Yellow Gold Plated Magma Kate Cocktail Ring | £38

Black nails are the perfect nail for most looks. While they give off a Gothic vibe, they tone down loud colours and add a certain edge to pastels. The best way to show off a dark nail is to decorate with colourful gemstones. Pick a ring that makes a statement like the Magma Kate Cocktail Ring from Nadia Minkoff.



Pastels Sterling Silver Cath Ring

Coco & Kinney | Sterling Silver Cath Ring | £45

Pastel nails come in a variety of colours, like pinks, greens, yellows and blues. The muted colours really allow jewellery to stand out, but you don’t want to clash. Silver jewellery is the perfect metal and style for pastel hues. A simple silver band like the Cath Ring from Coco & Kinney is a strong choice, with its fun wave shape. Pastels are also a great way to show off an engagement ring and to experiment with midi rings.



Neon Calypso Fuchsia Stingray Leather Bangle With Silver Ends

a cuckoo moment... | Calypso Fuchsia Stingray Leather Bangle With Silver Ends | £313

Who can resist neon? While neon colours attract a lot of attention by themselves, you can also amp this up with your jewellery. Introduce colour blocking to your outfit and jewellery, like a streak of neon in your clothes or a colourful bangle. Try the Calypso Fuchsia Stingray Leather Bangle from a cuckoo moment... This way your nails will be the star attraction and the additional neon colours in your outfit will tie your whole look together. 


Accent nails

Accent Bili Silver Squares Enamel Ring

EB Jewellery | Bili Silver Squares Enamel Ring | £62

An accent nail is an easy way to personalise your manicure and incorporate patterns, by adding a different style on one nail. While you can keep your jewellery simple to match with the plain nails, matching your jewellery to the accent nail is more exciting and allows you to introduce colourful jewellery. For example, if you go with a geometric nail, try a geometric ring, like the Bili Silver Squares Enamel Ring from EB Jewellery.

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