If the last time you accumulated shells was after a trip to the souvenir shop during a seaside holiday, then you’ll be pleased to know that they’re now a style statement. They are one of the must have accessories for summer 2018 and have officially graduated from their early-2000's surfer past.

Whether your style is casual, business, boho, or something totally creative, seashell jewellery is being redefined at JewelStreet.

Read on to discover how to nail this trend with our one-of-a-kind shell inspired jewellery.

Seashells are one-of-a-kind so your jewellery should be too, right?

The Work Wear Touch

Shell Earrings White Gold - £473.00

There is something wonderfully appealing about jazzing up our work-wear attire. But, i’m sure every working girl has faced the same problem - how to find the right way to do it?

We at JewelStreet have the answer for you, shell jewellery! We aren’t talking bright and bold necklaces, we are talking White Gold Shell Earrings by imaginative yet versatile designer Ayalla Joseph.

Renowned for her fresh and modern touch, Ayalla creates easy-to-wear, fuss free fine jewellery that transcends any situation. These simple but exquisite 18kt white gold earrings are set with fine white diamonds and are inspired by the natural offerings of nature.

Adding these earrings will give your whole work attire a fresh update. Wear your hair in a slick high bun and allow your shell jewellery to broadcast sea charm. Trendy yet work appropriate.

You will certainly “hear the sea” with these earrings.

The Modern Touch

Blue Mer Bracelet - £453.00

Let’s admit it, the shell trend artfully taps into our collective innate longing to be seventeen again, somewhere on a beach with nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get those years back but we are lucky. We can create new memories, with a new trend, from a clan of new jewellery, from an upcoming designer.

And what better to way to start than with the Blue Mer Bracelet by designer Isa Bagnoli. This bracelet is part of Isa’s Ocean collection and was inspired in the organic forms of corals and shells, bringing up the beauty and joy of summer season.

Born with a passion for accessories, Isa seeks to enrich a romantic aesthetic with a poignant personality. And this lustful arm candy is exactly that. Combining silver and baby blue oozes elegance, charm and femininity, and significantly offers a whole new take on this trend.

Stack this design  for a unique fashion choice or wear singularly for a wearable classic look.

From the beach to a rooftop bar, this is the piece that will tie your summer memories together.

 The Sophisticated Touch

Triple Strand Crushed Shell Bead Necklace - £400.00

Do you want to follow the shell trend without actually wearing seashells? (as crazy as that sounds). Are you not quite ready to bring back those 90’s souvenirs? Well, look no further as we have the perfect piece for you.

Elegant and understated, the Triple Strand Crushed Shell Bead Necklace speaks for itself. Boasting simple strands of white crushed shell beads, leading into a modern hoop, designer Mara Hotung radiates timeless elegance.

If you’re concerned about keeping the trend in sophisticated territory, pair this necklace with blue and white garments for a sleek, polished, yet modern touch, or embrace the prettiness and pair it with a romantic blouse. Which ever way you decide, we’re on-board!

At JewelStreet we cheer uniqueness and individuality. So stay classy but trendy and wear a take on the trend that no one else will be wearing.