In every office, there is one woman who enters the room and just exudes confidence. Whether you’ve spoken to her or not, you can tell just by her outfit that she knows what she’s doing and that she’s got her life together. Whether those two things are true or not, she has fooled you into believe that is true, purely because of her outfit. That is what we call power dressing.

Power dressing is a style of dressing intended to show that you are an important position of power. A sharp and slick outfit adds to the overall aesthetic of a powerful and successful woman. It is a way of dressing that shows you mean business and is a way to feel more confident and more assured of your abilities in the workplace. Power dressing has become popular over the most recent years, with more women pursuing leadership roles and using their voices more, whether it’s in politics, business or otherwise. Brand consultant Alexis Dell stated that it’s more trendy than ever to wear clothes that are both feminine and powerful. When speaking to Forbes magazine, she stated that this way of dressing is a new "empowerment tool… it's important to dress for the life you want to live.”

Want to know how to power dress? Look below for our top tips and become a BOSS.

Suit up

Suits are normally found in a man’s wardrobe, but recently the suit has been a favourable option for women. They’re smart, professional and show that you mean business. Pick a smart suit jacket and matching fitted trousers. Pair a plain white top or a patterned blouse underneath for more texture and style. If you’re not a fan of trousers and prefer to wear a skirt or dress, introduce a blazer into your workplace wardrobe. Suits are sleek, chic and stylish. Put a spin on the masculine clothing and make it more feminine and daring. When it comes to jewellery, it’s best to tone it back for work. Pick jewels that are structural, simple and elegant. Black and white accessories are perfect for power dressing and work well with suits. They add just the right amount of glamour while still being sensible for the office.


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Quick tip - Remember the importance of the fit

It’s very important to make sure your suit fits you well and that it is tailored to your body. A suit should flatter the body. If you wear an ill-fitting suit and blazer, it’ll come across as baggy and like you haven’t made an effort - the exact opposite of power dressing! Go to a tailors and pick a fit that is comfy and that highlights your best features.

Play with patterns

Whether you’re wearing a suit or a dress, a great way to power dress is by being unafraid of taking fashion risks. Patterns are largely avoided for office outfits but this shouldn’t be the case. Be bold, colourful and play with patterns. Keep it simple with monotone colours or pick a bright block colour. By choosing one simple colour, your outfit will have an air of simplicity but will still make a statement. With patterns, delve into striped suits and floral dresses. Prints and patterns allow you to express yourself and inject fun and colour into your wardrobe. They also help you stand out and will put the power into your power dressing. If you prefer your clothing more toned down, put the patterns into your accessories.


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Fill the space with a statement necklace

If you’re wearing a low neckline, fill the space with a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are regularly seen on impressive and powerful women like Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour. It’s still important to keep it practical at work so try a statement necklace that has subtle patterns and a minimal design. Pick a necklace made of classic jewellery materials like gold or silver. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember, the right statement necklace goes a long way.


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Jazz up your suit with a brooch

Accentuate your power outfit with a brooch. Brooches are increasingly popular right now, with many seen storming down the SS19 runways and fashion shows. Brooches are fun accessories that can replace a necklace or bracelet for a more minimal jewellery look. Add a sparkly and fun brooch to add more texture and attraction to your outfit. A good brooch will accentuate the cut and fit of your suit and complete your power dressing outfit.


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