You were organised this year. You handed out your Christmas lists to all members of your family. Life is great when you know what you will be receiving. There is no room for error. There is no room for mistakes. You sat back, fingers crossed that Mum didn’t get any rogue ideas like she did last year. But you’ve heard rumours that she’s deviated from the list. Why would anyone do that???

Last year, my Gran bought me a babygrow for Christmas. I was 21 years old. This is despite the fact that I asked her for a necklace. If like me, you have received some questionable gifts in the past, then having a backup plan is a MUST.

Here are a list of some of the best items available for you on JewelStreet. A little birdie also told me that these pieces may be available at discounted prices in the 12 Days of Christmas SALE which starts on the 25th of December. But shhhhh… it’s a secret!

You can go straight from the tree to your tablet, and order a replacement present from JewelStreet. Your present gifter will be none-the-wiser. So open all your gifts with a huge smile on your face, as you relax in the knowledge that JewelStreet will have your back.

Replace those unwanted Christmas presents with the luxurious handmade jewellery you asked for...

Luscious Lilacs.

Luscious lilac is the perfect colour to see the New Year in. Soft, understated and elegant are words synonymous with these pieces. Mishanto London's lead designer Tony Abram finds inspiration from his daily life. A shape, a colour or a shadow will all spark creativity. That's 100x more creative than your presents will be this year!

Loris Amethyst Claw Set Yellow Gold Earrings   Cari Gold Vermeil Rose Quartz Bracelet

Mishanto London | Loris Amethyst Claw Set Yellow Gold Earrings, Cari Gold Vermeil Rose Quartz Bracelet | £125.00 and £109.00

Small, but mighty.

Don't love the bath set your Aunt bought you? Don't worry. You can replace it with these gorgeous Gold Plated earrings by RIPA, a brand renowned for it's distinctive style. Their pieces showcase vivid natural minerals found in Asia. The Sputnik earrings may be small, but their power to instill confidence in their wearers is mighty. 

Sputnik Earrings Gold Plated Alternative   Sputnik Earrings Gold Plated Alternative

RIPA | Sputnik Earrings Gold Plated Alternative | £167.00


Extra BUFF.

Do you want to look extra BUFF next year? Slide into 2019's DMs in style, and hold your head high with confidence. These two necklaces by the ultra-wearable brand BUFF are great for the modern woman. You need a necklace that can see you through every walk of life, from the office to the New Year's Eve party. These are staple pieces that are super sweet! 


Sterling Silver Half Way Necklace    Sterling Silver Spin Me Round Necklace

BUFF | Sterling Silver Half Way Necklace, Sterling Silver Spin Me Round Necklace | £52.00 and £62.00


Textured and timeless.

Textured and timeless .The Faith Tavender Jewellery collection can re-write all your present mishaps. Their collections are full to the brim of gender neutral and androgynous pieces. To find out why you should be wearing unisex jewellery, click HERE. These pieces are inspired by experiments of wrapping wire around geometrical shapes to create naturalistic textures. Check them out...

 Wide Textured Ring   Starburst Studs

Faith Tavender Jewellery | Wide Textured Ring, Starburst Studs | £97.00 and £62.00


Optical illusions.

Last, but by no means least, these gorgeous rings from Katerina Damilos are enough to heal any bad Christmas present. The first ring features a large organic pearl as the focal point. The polished silver tone of the ring contrasts beautifully with the dusky rose coloured pearl. Alternatively, choose the statement cocktail ring on the left for a statemented and unique style. The layers rotate freely as the hand moves, and the little spheres are almost an optical illusion of movement. 

 Sterling Silver Free Spirit Ring With Blush Pearl   ORB Kinetic Cocktail Ring Gold

Katerina Damilos | Sterling Silver Free Spirit Ring With Blush Pearl, ORB Kinetic Cocktail Ring Gold | £200.00 and £220.00