How to stop wearing black all the time

We all fall into the habit of wearing black. It’s a comfort thing, am I right? If, like me, you tend to be in a rush every morning *sigh* you reach straight for what is easy to wear. It requires less thought, but you still look put-together. Work? Wear black. Night out? Wear black. It seems to solve every outfit crisis. 

But it can be healthy to step out of your dark wardrobe and step into brighter colours and rainbow tones. The summer months are the perfect opportunity to experiment with your colour palette.

How to stop wearing black all the time

If you don’t want to take the leap straight away, consider wearing a few coloured jewellery accents to spruce up your look in the meantime. They are slightly addictive. Try one colour, and you’ll want to try out the whole rainbow.

Frida Inspired Wooden Earrings - £68.00

Frida Inspired Wooden Earrings

Inspired by the warmth, culture, nature and artifacts of Mexico, Frida Kahlo’s artwork has always been imbued with vibrancy and colour. Aside from epitomising the depth of emotion that she poured into her work, she utilised colour to explore questions of post colonialism, gender, class and race. These issues are still just as important to highlight, especially now that we find ourselves in a climate of political, social and racial instability.

Frida Kahlo remains to be a symbol of empowerment for many women of today. Any fellow monobrow ladies will agree with me on this one. Even I can’t pull off my extra brow hair as confidently and stylishly as she did.

Known for her outspoken confidence and bravery, Frida is one strong woman that you should be channeling through your style. Be unique. Be your authentic self. Be independent. Try out these gorgeous wooden Frida Kahlo earrings from Kimili.

Yellow Gold Blue Dots Necklace - £740.00

Yellow Gold Blue Dots Necklace

Wear the colour blue and you’ll discover a new you. Turquoise and gold are the perfect complementary pairing. Blue is such an underappreciated colour in the jewellery world, and it’s perplexing as to why. It’s the foundation primary colour from which all other colours were born. It’s basically family.

Blue will always be synonymous with calming waters, natural springs and summer skies. There’s nothing more peaceful, nothing more balancing, and nothing more healing than this.

Before we wean you off black clothing and jewellery forever more, consider adding this Goldspindel coloured piece to your jewellery box. You can wear it over your black top for now, but it’ll be hard to resist the alluring pull of this oceanic and aquatic tone.

Amethyst Briolette Drop Gold Plated Earrings - £175.00

Amethyst Briolette Drop Gold Plated Earrings

Add a little colour twist to any outfit with Amethyst. This gemstone is ideal for promoting healing energies and the balancing of your chakras. Be the level headed one in your friendship group this season, and show them what jewellery they’re missing out on.

Not only will you be elevating your physical well-being, you’ll also be prioritising your emotional and mental health. The amethyst stone is inherently about you. We sometimes forget to look after ourselves first and foremost.

Treat yourself to a new pair of drop earrings by StyleRocks, and treat your soul to a refreshing and healing style.

Sterling Silver Peach Moonstone Diamond Egg Bracelet - £1,028.00

Sterling Silver Peach Moonstone Diamond Egg Bracelet

ClonferoDaPonte make jewellery for the modern woman who appreciates having a little comfort in her jewellery style. The stretch bracelet features iridescent moonstone beads, which come together to create a very easy design to wear and layer.

Lead designer Catarina Schippinger finds inspiration in a variety of different places. Spiritual symbolism and religiosity are of interest to her. Each piece of jewellery is intricately designed to champion your individuality. You know what that means? Colour.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Rainbow Cocktail Necklace - £100.00

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Rainbow Cocktail Necklace

Feeling brave? Why not inject a little bit more effervescent colour into your jewellery box? This necklace by Amore Argento showcases a collection of rainbow gemstones that come together as a celestial infusion of vibrancy.

There is a mesmerising combination of precious gems that are in on the mix. Amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, peridot and rhodolite garnet are the focus of this handmade piece. The term affordable luxury has never been so prominent.

With your summer holiday just over the horizon, this is a necklace that will mentally transport you to an exotic beach. And guess what? You’ve got a cocktail of gems around your neck, and an adult cocktail in your hand.

MyCity Tehran Thin Cuff In Yellow - £137.00

MyCity Tehran Thin Cuff In Yellow

Nobahar’s MY CITY collection was made in response to the feeling of being lost, especially when your very essence of being is based on your diasporic identity. Jewellery acts as a connective thread that ties people together. You can wear a bracelet, like this one, and it can tie you to your homeland even when you’re oceans apart.

This essence of nostalgia is so important. Certain smells, sounds and colours are enough to transport your mind back to a certain point in your life. Where does this refreshing yellow colour take you?