How to style a Lace Wedding Dress

Lace fabrics have had a significant presence in the wedding industry for many centuries. A prestigious fashion statement such as lace would have historically been a signal of wealth and decree. Who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty on their wedding day? Kate Middleton’s elegant long lace sleeves sparked a growing interest in lace inspired bridal-wear in 2011, and its popularity has been growing ever since.

Lace inspired jewellery, however, has recently taken the bridal accessory scene by storm. Interweaving patterns and intricate designs are the perfect accompaniment to a lace veil or embellished wedding dress. Irrespective of whether your bridal dress has Alencon, Chantilly or Venice lace, we have something here for you!

How to style a lace wedding dress

Of course your wedding style needs to have an undeniable presence and majestic feel, but don’t be tempted to over-style. The simpler the better when lace is concerned.

The intricacies of your lace dress fabric are delicate and flattering. You need jewellery that will not overpower this lightweight design. It shouldn’t outshine your dress. It should compliment it in the most subtle and pleasing way.

Don’t forget to consider the wearability of your chosen jewellery too. Your accessories should adhere to both comfort and beauty.

Consider this lovely set of dainty rings from Rosey West. They are minimal and contemporary pieces that, when worn, bring a sense of clarity to your style.

Top tip: Stack a few of these rings alongside each other for a subtle statement. There’s no reason why you only have to wear your wedding band. Don’t be bo-ring.

How to style a lace wedding dress

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How to style a lace wedding dress

Jewellery for your BIG day doesn’t have to actually be big. Smaller and daintier pieces can make just as much of an impact. Lace is a luxurious fabric, and your dress is calling for some luxury jewellery to match. You need some handmade pieces that are refined and elegant.

It’s your day, and you should be the main focus. This doesn’t mean that you need to shout for the attention. Smaller sparkling accents will attract attention for you.

Invest in luxury, and invest in quality. This is what really catches the eye.

Look back on your wedding photos with happiness. This is jewellery that will make you look great and feel confident. It will dissolve all those pre-wedding nerves.

Top tip: Style this petite knot necklace with a lace dress that has a lover neckline. V-neck, sweetheart and scoop are your best friends here.

How to style a lace wedding dress

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How to style a lace wedding dress

Lace wedding dresses will always seep into the bridal industry, and they have been especially popping up this season. This cuff is the perfect accompaniment to an impactful lace dress. It is truly unique, and is suitable for a bride who wishes to bridge the gap between interwoven fabric and divine jewellery.

The Sterling Silver Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle by Murkani Jewellery is inspired by Moroccan textile designs, and has a series of intricate and repetitive patterns that are reminiscent of lace. Elegant, enchanting and contemporary are words synonymous with this piece. This bangle would suit a bohemian, vintage, modern or festival theme. After all, lace is timeless, and will never be confined to any one style.

Top tip: Ensure that the pattern of lace on your dress matches a similar pattern on the jewellery. After all, it’s the small touches that count! This piece would match a heavily corded lace dress.

How to style a lace wedding dress

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