How to style an Ear Cuff and Ear Climber

Ear cuffs and ear climbers are the best way to take your look from dull to trendy this season. These much-loved accessories first made an impact around 2015 when publications like Vogue featured the cuffs and climbers in their styled shoots. Since then, they have become a jewellery box favourite of ours, and much to our excitement… they’re making a comeback. 

Styling ear cuffs and ear climbers is easy when you know how. They may seem like a scary and experimental item to add in to your daily jewellery mix, but they will actually become the foundation of your fashion. They offer style stability, and solidify you as a main player in the jewellery arena. Read on to find out all of the tips and tricks that we have accumulated over the years. This is the style of the century. Don’t miss out.

What is an ear cuff?

An ear cuff is a small circular ring that does not require a piercing to be worn. Instead, it presses tightly on the ear and is incredibly secure. They can vary in size, colour, thickness and design. 

If a trip to the piercing studio is not on the cards, then why not go for a pierceless alternative? An ear cuff is your go-to option for a non-permanent piercing.  

This is guaranteed to become one of your favourite summer accessories. Some would say that it is even overtaking worldwide love for the classic hoop style. Check out Kissing Booth actress Joey King rocking the ear cuff look.

How to wear an Ear Cuff or Ear Climber

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How to wear an ear cuff?

Ear cuffs are versatile and so easily wearable. Finding an ear cuff that suits you is easy.

It’s easy because you’ve clicked into this blog post for one reason and one reason only. You’re looking to explore a little more with your jewellery. And we’re here to help.

Before you even think about styling, you need to know how to put the ear cuff or climber on. Slide it onto your ear from the thinnest and most accessible area. This is usually the top cartilage area. Then, slide it down to the preferred area where you’d like the jewellery to sit. It should now be secure and stable.

You ear cuff can be so easily paired with other jewellery items. You name it. A stud, a statement drop earring, multiple piercings or a chain. The more the better when ear candy is concerned. Adorn your  ears with the loveliest of gems and stand out for your diverse and interesting style. And there isn’t even a needle in sight!

How to style an Ear Cuff and Ear Climber

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What is an ear climber?

An ear climber is a chic and elegant jewellery item. If you’ve been sticking with the studs for years, why not branch out and try something in the same jewellery family. Ear climbers are essentially studs that trail off a little longer. They are typically worn in a way that the trailing design travels up the ear.

These are known as a magical illusion piece. Some designs sit so effortlessly that they give the allusion of a floating earring. On top of this, it gives the allusion that you are wearing more jewellery than you actually are, and that you have more piercings than you actually do.

How to style an Ear Cuff and Ear Climber

How to wear an ear climber?

An ear climber sits more comfortably on the earlobe than any other part of the ear. They lay flat enough against your ear that they won’t bother you throughout the day. Put your jewellery on and immediately forget about it with these lightweight beauties.

Ear climbers tend to go through your first lobe piercing. Due to their upward passage, you may need to take out any other earrings in your second or third lobe piercings. These may get in the way of the climber’s path.

Finally, an ear climber looks best with a minimalist vibe. You don’t need to overload your ear when you’re wearing experimental and stand-out pieces like these.

How to wear an Ear Cuff and Ear Climber

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