Looking to add a little bit extra to your look? A great idea for men and women to accessorise your everyday look or smart office attire, is with a brooch or a lapel pin – an item slightly overlooked but hopefully set to make a comeback. With the colder months upon us, not only are they stylish but are a handy way to keep yourself warmer and to jazz up your big knits and your "I don’t care what I look like, I just want to be warm" winter looks!


Something we’re all taking out of our wardrobes this time of year are scarves and brooches are an interesting way to make them look better. A great way to do this is by clipping a brooch onto your scarf – not only will it look good but if you clip parts of the scarf together, you get extra warmth! No one likes a scarf that blows away in the wind and this trick is a handy way to keep your scarf in place. Stylish and practical at the same time! For a dainty style, the Rosette brooch is perfect and for a more modern take, the Five Star Lapiz Pin makes a bold statement.


Her Design | Rosette Brooch (Left) | £379.00
Spratling Silver | Five Star Lapiz Pin (Right) | £1,358.00


The high necklines are back in and are a handy way to incorporate more jewellery if you’re not feeling a necklace. Animal designs are a fun way to spice up any outfit and clipping a brooch onto a big jumper or turtleneck will add more colour. The Gold Vermeil Bumble Bee Brooch is a gorgeous intricate design and the Silver Dragonfly Turquoise Brooch is not only stunning to look at but versatile as it comes with a converter to turn it into a necklace.


Will Bishop | Gold Vermeil Bumble Bee Brooch (Left) | £100.00
Nicole BarrSilver Dragonfly Turquoise Brooch (Right) | £135.00


Brooches and lapel pins are probably best seen on coats. In a longer and sleeker style, they are perfect to tie together any professional outfit. For a rounder and chunkier design, the Pendulum Brooch is a must-have with a mix of silver and gold. For those a fan of long and subtle designs, the Diamond Skull Pin is perfect with 9kt gold and diamond eyes really supplying the wow factor.


Hannah Souter Pendulum Brooch (Left) | £170.00
Black Betty Design Diamond Skull Pin (Right) | £380.00

For those who like a pop of colour, the Silver and Red Rose Lapel Pin is elegant and handcrafted, with a black rose to choose from in the Tateossian collection for a darker and more mysterious style. For a bit more romance, the Cherubino Brooch is a perfect gift to give to the person you love.


Tateossian Silver and Red Rose Lapel Pin (Left) | £99.00
Vintouch Italy Cherubino Brooch (Right) | £58.00


For those of you who want to be more daring, there are so many funny and quirky designs to play around with. The ‘Wee Beastie’ brooch is definitely a conversation starter, with a secret locked compartment that opens to reveal a yellow gold mouse. Nothing says office style than a big safety pin! The Tsavorite Safety Pin is a must-have with a variety of colours to choose from, like sapphire, garnet, rose gold and yellow sapphire.


Nick Hubbard JewelleryWee Beastie Brooch (Left) | £185.00
Mara HotungTsavorite Safety Pin In 18kt White and Black Gold (Right) | £650.00