Let’s get charmed! There are so many types of bracelets out there - bangles, cuffs, beaded, links… that it’s hard to pick what’s right for you. To save you too much frustration and confusion, why not make something personal which you can add to for years to come?

Charm bracelets have been around for years, reportedly first appearing in 600BC. Charms have a place in history, with Queen Victoria wearing them and starting the craze amongst the European noble classes. They were also used as talismans to ward off evil spirits. Back before we had the incredible jewellery industry that we have today, animal bones, shells, clay, wood and rock were used to make charms.

Charm bracelets are a brilliant way to keep personal memories attached to you at all times and remind you of important things that happened in your life. They let you unleash your creative side, by letting you pick your own charms, colours, shapes and more, to create a unique item which is yours and yours only. It’s also handy for that relative who has no idea what to get you for birthdays or Christmas!

Still unsure what theme or look to go for on a charm bracelet? Below are 4 ways to style your charm bracelet!

Focus on a colour scheme

If you’re lacking inspiration or you just don’t know where to start, try to develop a colour scheme. Start with the base. Most charm bracelets are the usual gold or silver but just because that’s the standard, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet by Deborah Blyth Jewellery is a beautiful shade of gold, with spread out links for extra charms and a circular disc, acting as your starter charm. The disc can be personalised, making it even more special, with a name, date or special message. It would go perfectly with the Granulated Heart Charm by Cynthia Bach, a detailed charm inspired by the Renaissance period.

Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet (Left)| £105.00
Cynthia Bach | Granulated Heart Charm (Right)| £1,254.00

If silver is more your thing, this ‘Wishes and Kisses’ Bracelet by Nick Hubbard Jewellery is an oxidised silver chain, with three charms already there for you. One charm says ‘wishes’, the other ‘kisses’ and the third is a extraordinary locket which when opened has a bird with an ‘X’ and an ‘O’ on either side of it. To keep it quirky, why not add the Oreo Charm by Flavie Michou?

Nick Hubbard Jewellery 'Wishes and Kisses' Bracelet (Left)| £205.00
Flavie Michou | Oreo Charm (Right)| £135.00

Of course, it doesn’t always have to match so why not try the Birthstone Charms by XISSJEWELLERY which adds a pop of colour and is personal to your birthday. Remember, it’s yours so it can be any colour you like!

XISSJEWELLERY | Birthstone Charms | £40.00

Mark your Milestones

Charm bracelets are thoughtful and beautiful ways to remember the big moments in your life. Maybe you and your best friend have been closer than ever recently, so you want to signify that with a Gold Magical Charm by Lily Blanche. Maybe you’ve just moved out of your childhood home and into your first place, so you want to mark the moment with Baby Gold Plated Key Charm by Katie Mullally. Or maybe it’s something bigger, like you’ve just got married or just had a baby. Mark your milestones on your charm bracelet so you can look down on it and remember the amazing feats that you’ve accomplished.

Lily Blanche | Gold Magical Charm Necklace - Friendship (Left)| £100.00
Katie Mullally Baby Gold Plated Key Charm (Middle)| £104.00
September Rose | Silver Confetti Charm  (Right)| £125.00
Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery Lotus Baby Charm | £8,790.00

Seasonal treats

Keep it seasonal with these gorgeous charms. If you’re a lover of autumn and wish it was all year round, this Just So Leaf Charm Bracelet from By Emily is gorgeous, with flowers, leaves and green tourmaline beads hanging from its base. Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories, it is a lovely nod to your childhood. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, this Silver Wishbone Charm is a delicate and minimalist design that can be clipped onto a necklace or a bracelet. It’s also a lucky symbol and who doesn’t want to carry luck with them wherever they go?

By Emily Just So Leaf Charm Bracelet (Left)| £225.00
Katie Mullally | Medium Silver Wishbone Charm (Right)| £200.00

Pre-made wonders

Of course, if you really aren’t sure how you want your charm bracelet to look - what charms to pick and what memories to choose from - why not go for one that’s already been made for you? Lily Blanche’s Pearl & Silver with 10 Silver Magical Charms is the perfect bracelet for those who want a pre-made wonder. It is beautifully made and Lily Blanche’s best-seller, with ivory freshwater pearls and twisted silver links. The quirky charms include strawberries, shells, crowns, Cinderella carriage and more.

Lily Blanche Pearl & Silver with 10 Silver Magical Charms (Left)| £450.00
Roz Buehrlen | Silver Charm Bracelet (Right)| £90.00