Baby it’s cold outside! We know that all everyone wants to do is wrap up in layers and hide under a duvet with the radiators on full blast, but why not embrace the chill instead? Ice and snow themed jewellery is a stunning addition to your collection and can even be worn all year round. Its also a great way to incorporate more silver into your everyday look. Icy jewellery is versatile and has so many options to choose from and really gives off Winter Wonderland vibes.

Here are our picks for Wintery Jewellery and how to style it!


Icicle themed jewellery is exquisitely elegant, channelling a sharp yet subtle look that goes well with any day or night look. Lucy Quartermine has an incredible range and collection of icicle themed jewellery. She sculpts silver for her innovative designs and uses the fluidity of the silver to create the movement and texture of ice and water. For a subtle ice look, the Icicle Studs sit beautifully in the ear and dangle just below the lobe, as if the icicle were melting off your ear. For more sparkle, Amore Agento’s Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Icicle Bangle sits perfectly on the wrist and adds some glamour to darker outfits.

Lucy Quartermine Icicle Studs (Left)| £78.00
Amore Agento | Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Icicle Bangle (Middle)| £125.00
Lucy Quartemine | Icicle Cross Ring (Right)| £75.00

Lucy Quartermine Multi Icicle Long Necklace | £240.00

Melting Ice

Melting ice and snow is a great way to add a more wintery look to your wardrobe. The fluidity that is used in the jewellery creates a great movement when its being worn. If you’re looking for more of a high-end look, Madstone Design is a company that uses Fairtrade materials and gorgeous gemstones. They use diamonds that make for great statement pieces. The Teal Blue Zircon and Diamond Melting Earrings inject some colour alongside the classic silver diamonds and incorporate the December birthstone to really create a winter themed look. RIPA uses simplicity in their designs and the Ice Rings are delicate and have a realistic finish.

Lucy Quartermine Wishbone Cuff (Left)| £216.00
RIPA | Ice Rings (Middle)| £233.00
Lucy Quartemine | 5 Drop Necklace Silver (Right)| £495.00

Madstone Design | Teal Blue Zircon and Diamond Melting Earrings | £8,655.00


Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Snow jewellery sparkles, glistens and perfectly imitates the shape and design of a natural snowflake. The designs are intricate and precise, like the Fei Lui collections of snowflake earrings and pendants. Chekotin Jewellery blends white gold and yellow gold together to create their Snowflake pendant, which is a showstopping design and different from typical snow themed jewellery. The snowflakes are precisely carved and are hidden in a stopwatch-esque glass, that gives off the look of a snow globe. 

Chekotin Jewellery White Gold & Yellow Gold Snowflake Pendant (Middle)| £677.00


Jack Frost really is nipping at our noses this year and frosted jewellery gives a chilly and mystical feel. Pasionae’s snow ring is carved out of marble and set on sterling silver and is perfect for anyone passionate for big sculptures. 

Pasionae | Snow Ring (Left) | £283.00 
Charmain Beaton Designs | Mariposa Cocktail Bracelet (Right) | £528.00


Snow on trees and leaves is a beautiful look in nature and in jewellery. Alex Soldier's White Gold & Diamond Leaf earrings uses diamonds and silvers to create a frosted look for any occasion. Frosted earrings are a great accent and give the effect of winter and spring frost. Unleash the child within you by adding some wintery animals into your look. Who doesn’t want a polar bear sitting on their chest or a snow goose hanging from their ear?

Gunjan Bhandari | Creeper Ear Crawler | £27,032.00 

Alex Soldier 18kt White Gold & Diamond Leaf Earrings (Left)| Sold Out
By Emily Snow Goose Chandelier Earrings (Middle)| Sold Out
Jana Reinhardt Jewellery | Polar Bear Necklace (Right)| £129.00