Boho jewellery never goes out of fashion. Trends come and go but boho is here to stay.

There is no true definition of the bohemian style. In fact, bohemian style by its very nature has no definition at all, and that is the beauty of this trend: it is whatever you want to make it.

But, like most trends, there are some guidelines to be followed in creating your own bohemian style. And jewellery is where it all begins.

Embodying free spirit, individuality and creativity, boho jewellery is effortlessly beautiful. Create your own distinctive style with a selection of our pieces and pull off this trend with nothing but success.


Think tribal patterns, beautiful lace and fabulous feathers in natural, earthy colours. Mix and match these different patterns and textures to create your own bohemian fashion trademark.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

Round Wooden Ring - £71.00

To create a boho tribal style strive for a mixture of materials and patterns. Kimili’s Round Wooden Ring encompasses exactly this. Inspired by creativity and an experiment of nature, this ring is made from Walnut tree wood and Cloisonne Enamel and features engraved designs with the perfect amount of colour.

Bold, yet unique, this ring celebrates natural surroundings. Perfect to create those free spirited vibes.

Lace Doily Large Earrings in Sterling Silver - £192.00

Do you love the look of beautifully laced clothes? But, all of your friends do too? Well, we have the perfect piece of jewellery to separate your outfit. Murkani Jewellery’s Lace Doily Earrings will add the individuality you need. Made from sterling silver, these earrings feature refined cut out motifs inspired by vintage from generations.

Pair these with a crochet dress, tan gladiator sandals and ooze boho chic.

Jewelled Horse Ring - £2,200.00

There is nothing more boho than the texture of features. Or better yet, the combination of feathers and metal. Armour and feathers, diamonds and gold, the Jewelled Horse Ring, by Cardinal of London is a fabulous statement for the ultimate boho fashionista.

With a combination of textures, this piece is loud and creative. Style with a black floppy hat and a floaty swing dress for a modern boho vibe.


When it comes to creating a boho style, the first thing we think of is layering. We layer our oversized cardigans over our shorts and our dresses on top of our t-shirts, so why not layer our boho jewellery?

Mini Sequin Necklace - £45.00

The easiest and simplest way to start layering jewellery is through necklaces. Delicate layered necklaces with boho-inspired pendants are perfect for creating a romantic look, and XissJewellery’s Mini Sequin Necklace is the perfect place to start.

This beautiful pendant has a polished finish that plays with light and radiates modern chic. Team this with multiple dainty chains for an ultra feminine style.

Bracelet on Thread Muladhara - £97.00

If you love to incorporate colour into your style, our next item is the one for you. Made in seven different shades, each design features a different rose gold symbol, with a different meaning. The Muladhara Chaka bracelet in Red Cord represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.

Are you as intrigued as we are? Well, don’t stop at one. Stack all of Tiny-Om’s On Thread Bracelets for the ultimate eccentric boho arm candy.


On Thread Bracelets

The concept of wearing multiple bracelets is to mix designs and colours. The larger and more colourful the bracelets are the better, as they perfectly complement shorts and a basic tee, or a patterned maxi boho dress.

You may not be someone who goes to a summer festival every year, but with a large stack of boho bracelets you can embrace the summer feeling, wherever you go or travel.

Chunky Designs

As effectively as the boho trend allows you to wear any boho jewellery you want, chunky accessories are a must have. From rings to cuffs, your outfit will not be complete without them.

Adelina Cuff - £340.00

There is nothing that screams tribal boho quite like a brass cuff. Inspired by Colombian tribal cultures, Vanilo’s Adelina Cuff combines contemporary designs with ancient techniques. Made from sterling silver under the craftsmanship of Colombian artisans, Vanilo presents a rustic twist, perfect for wearing with a plain maxi dress and a straw hat.

Remember the more rustic it is, the more bohemian it is (or at least we think so).

Sofia Green Onyx Gemstone Necklace - £49.00

Are you drawn to jewellery with gemstones? Well, we have just the item that will draw you in even more. Latelita London’s Sofia Green Onyx Gemstone will have your full attention. Not just because of the necklaces organic shaped natural stone with sparkling zircons, but for its significance.

The stunning stone releases negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, and therefore brings good fortune and personal strength.

We are obsessed. It not only looks dazzling with a neutral outfit, such as an all-white lace dress, but also with bold and colourful choices, such as bright or patterned maxi dresses. So, if you are seeking a bold yet free spirited boho style, this must be in your jewellery box.

Victoria Six Amethyst Cocktail Ring - £2,685.00

For a modern take on the boho style, choose Victoria Six Amethyst Cocktail Ring. Chunky, yet elegant, this ring oozes uniqueness. With a particular interest in pearls, Victoria’s style herself is distinctive, boho, yet modern and this is reflected in all of her jewellery pieces.

So if you are looking for an authentic piece of jewellery to radiate boho vibes, you’ve found it.

Made from 14kt rose gold, 13.53 ct amethyst and akoya pearls, style this ring with dainty necklaces, bracelets and midi rings for the ultimate feminine charm.