How to style jewellery with a watch

You’ve invested in a luxury watch. Perhaps you have long working weeks where it’s important to stay on schedule and attend meetings. Perhaps timekeeping is essential in delivering objectives and presenting work. Point being, you need to wear your watch on the daily. 

You’re always on time. You’re reliable and trustworthy. But you shouldn’t sacrifice on style in order to be timely and efficient. The two are not in opposition. 

Today, I’ll be showing you how easy it is to style jewellery alongside your watch. This is office and day-to-day wear at its finest.

Match the metal of your watch...

Your jewellery doesn’t need to compete with your watch, it should compliment it. You don’t want the jewellery to be too distracting either, so we would advise that you match metals and colours. 

If your watch is gold for example, then pair it alongside a gold bangle or cuff. 

The images below show gold Jeweltree pieces elegantly paired alongside a sophisticated gold watch. This is a match made in jewellery heaven. 

The great thing about Jeweltree London jewellery is that you can easily put together a look that is chic and seamless. All of their pieces work as a cohesive whole, so you can find earrings, necklaces and rings to match your accompanying bangle too.

How to style jewellery with a watch

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Match the thickness of your watch...

If your watch is understated, then pair it alongside minimal motifs with a thinner jewellery chain. However, if you have a chunkier watch with a thicket band, then pair it alongside a bracelet with some substance. 

There’s nothing worse than one piece of jewellery overpowering the other. So make sure that your jewellery is fit to make a fashion statement. 

Take a look at this luxury white Chanel watch below. The accompanying Gemdrop bracelet introduces an edgy and fun quality to an otherwise understated colour palette.

How to style jewellery with a watch

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Stack a few bracelets...

Sometimes, it’s handy to own jewellery that requires little styling effort. On the way to work? Off to work on a styled shoot? Going out for lunch? Throw on a few pieces of jewellery without thinking about it. Tateossian’s pieces are perfect for this effortless injection of style.

A Tateossian bracelet requires minimal effort for maximum style.

Make people think that you’ve spent time on your outfit. Don’t worry, your watch styling secrets are safe with me. We can keep it on the down low.

Bored or bracelets? Wear a ring instead. Jeff Goldblum balances out his look in GQ Magazine with a Tateossian ring on the opposite hand to where his watch is worn. Always consider balance, and think about whether your style is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

How to style jewellery with a watch

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Wear in close proximity...

There is no better way to elevate your daily style then by adding an item of jewellery like these Anchor & Crew rope and leather bracelets. If you choose to invest in a bracelet, it should ideally sit side by side with the watch itself. 

A lot of men used to recoil at the word “jewellery”. I would argue that this is a product of how the jewellery industry has been packaged in the past. Jewellery is no longer a gendered industry that exclusively serves women. 

A lot more men are realising the benefits of introducing more jewellery into their style... and you should be too. 

Your watch is not just a timepiece, it is an accessory. And every accessory should be styled and incorporated into your outfit, just like Anchor & Crew so expertly show us.

How to style jewellery with a watch

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