How to style oversized jewellery

Earlier on this year, fashion weeks debuted a whimsical and avant garde perspective on jewellery. Instead of the usual minimalist accents, fashion houses opted to play on proportions. The motto for this year’s jewellery styling is BIGGER the better, and we’re loving it.

Everything you thought you knew about jewellery is about to change. When you wear bigger, you think bigger. Anything is possible. Put on your JewelStreet armour and you will feel truly unstoppable.

A supersized style requires a mode of styling that is different from your everyday fashion. Stay tuned to find out how to style your oversized pieces. It’s hard not to fall in love with these pieces at first glance, so i’ll forgive  you if you have to click away and purchase…

Don’t overcrowd your look...

Bigger jewellery can hold its own in your jewellery box. It’s the star of the show, and definitely doesn’t need any supporting acts.

XXXL jewellery has so many dimensions. From every angle you can explore a different curvature, pattern, or colour.  You’ll also find that larger jewellery designs often correlate with more detailing. That’s why it’s imperative to keep only one large piece as the focal point of your look.

KIMILI are experts in the oversized jewellery game. The craftsmanship behind each piece is so striking. These Georgian Cloisonné Enamel designs are something to be admired.

Too good to wear? We know these pieces look like they came straight out of an art gallery, but you’re the exhibition of the week. Try a few out and e the envy of collectors around the world.

How to style oversized jewellery

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Consider your colour palette...

Bigger means bolder too. Colours will often be as attention grabbing as their larger sizes. In order to pull off an iconic jewellery style, you should think about what colours you are pairing alongside the jewellery. This is especially an important factor to take into consideration when you chose your outfit.

What clothes would you style with this gorgeous statemented XXXL piece below?

For an oversized necklace, we would either go for a low scoop neckline to show off the piece, or a high turtle neck so that the clothing does not interfere with the lines of the jewellery.

For a supersized ring, we would choose a top with a ¾ length sleeve. This will ensure that all eyes are drawn down towards your hands.

How to style oversized jewellery

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Wear with confidence...

Love jewellery? Love experimenting with your style? These designs are not for the faint hearted.

Don’t be afraid to take a gamble and be the first to set the trends. You’ll receive so many more compliments this way.

I’m sure you’ve heard it so many times before, but standing out from the crowd boosts your confidence and actually motivates you to pursue goals. Human motivation theory is central to this styling system. Wear a larger item and have a larger presence.

Style to make a difference this season. Be stronger, be better, be inherently yourself.

How to style oversized jewellery

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