Fashion in 2019 is just getting started. We’re in the middle of Fashion Month and award season, so we’re seeing countless styles and trends plastered over our social media and television screens. Whether it’s clothes or jewellery, we’re seeing big and bold designs strutting the runways and storming down the red carpet. The phrase ‘bigger is better’ has never been more appropriate. Oversized earrings, statement hair clips and over-the-top patterns are everywhere and it seems that smaller and daintier designs have been forgotten.

We talk a lot about trends on the JewelStreet Style Guide, but truthfully, there really is no right and wrong way to wear and style jewellery. If you’re not feeling the oversize statement trend, let’s tone it down and get back to basics. Our theme of the week is ‘Pretty Petites’, so we’ll be looking at everything small and dainty.

Petite jewellery still packs a punch - just because it’s not in your face and OTT doesn’t mean it’s plain and boring. This week, we’re here to show you how to make a big statement with small pieces. Petite jewellery tends to be plain and simple chains with little centrepieces and accents, that aren’t too elaborate.

Simple doesn’t equal boring so here are the best symbols and gems to jazz up petite jewellery.

Starry Nights

The shape of a star is an elaborate one, but incorporating them in jewellery can be incredibly simple. A well-known and well-loved symbol, the star adds shape and brightness to the wearer. Concentrate on small stars or falling stars to add pattern and sparkle into your petite jewellery. Lily Flo Jewellery’s Stardust Collection perfectly encapsulates the ‘Pretty Petites’ theme. It is full of dainty stars that are minimalist and draws attention to the body. The Reach for the Stars Chain Necklace is perfect for layering or wearing alone as a standout piece. The delicate chain features small gold bars that represent stardust, giving the simple design a burst of colour.


Vicky Davies Sterling Silver Stars on Hoop Earrings (Left)| £115.00
Lily Flo Jewellery Reach For The Stars Chain Necklace (Middle)| £195.00

Flower Power

Get ready for Spring with petite flowers. Floral jewellery is delicate and beautiful, much like real flowers themselves. Their dainty petals and fragile stems are a perfect symbol to be used in petite jewellery. Sian Bostwick Jewellery’s Springtime Collection focuses on the beauty and timeless elegance of flowers. The Forget-me-not double Flower Charm Bangle is a simple silver band, with a dainty blue forget-me-not hanging from it. The piece has cool and calming silver and blue colours, which work well together to create a laidback look.


me.mi Petite Flower Initial Bracelet (Left)| £193.00
Maree London Gold Daffodil Necklace (Middle)| £129.00
Sian Bostwick Jewellery Forget-me-not double Flower Charm Bangle (Right)| £115.00

Precious Pearls

The pearl gemstone is delicate and classic. Pearls are desired by many and are particularly adored by royalty - did you know that a pearl belonging to Marie Antoinette sold at auction for $36 million?! Pearls come in simple and pretty colours, like pink, grey, black and white. When using it in jewellery, you don’t want to overpower the colour or beauty of the pearl by incorporating it with big, brash and bold designs. If you’re looking for minimalist designs with pearls as the main feature, ORA Pearls are the perfect brand. Their pearl earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are effortlessly timeless and concentrate solely on the beauty of the pearl rather than flashy colours or patterns. Pearls are the ideal gem to feature in petite jewellery.


Lily Blanche Sterling Pearl Necklace - Champagne (Left)| £150.00
ORA Pearls Sterling Silver Classic Grey Pearl Stud Earrings (Middle)| £55.00
Maree London Silver Necklace With Pearl (Right)| £179.00

Simple Hoops

Hoop earrings have been around for decades and they are one of the most popular types of earrings ever! The beauty of a hoop earring is that it can be simplified to the basic circular shape or given an OTT makeover for a more elaborate look. The simple circle shape is easy to wear and adds a great texture and dimension to a look. Hoops don’t just have to be used in earrings either. Hoops hanging off necklaces or bracelets is sophisticated and classic. Susan Driver has a new Petite collection that specialises in hoop jewellery. She’s described the collection as “the summer partner for your layering needs or standalone chic and simplicity.”


Sharon Mills London Sterling Silver Bijou Oversize Hoops (Left)| £49.00
Susan Driver Sterling Silver Petite Knot Necklace Small (Middle)| £121.00
Lily Flo Jewellery 9kt Gold Classic Karma Stud Earrings (Right)| £136.00

Dainty Hearts

Similar to stars, hearts are an intricate design that is constantly used in jewellery. Hearts are a classic symbol used in jewellery and can be oversimplified or brought back to basics. Due to their popularity, finding jewellery that features a heart is incredibly easy, so there’s plenty to choose from. Keep it simple with a heart hanging from a necklace or tone it back even more like Lavan’s Sterling Silver Heart Ring. A simple silver band features an adorable engraved heart design, taking the meaning of petite jewellery to a whole new level.


Elizabeth Raine 24kt Gold Vermeil Heart Amulet Necklace (Left)| £50.00
Lavan Sterling Silver Heart Ring (Middle)| £55.00
AMARA AMARA Solid Silver Heart Necklace (Right)| £140.00