We all have a staple pair of studs that we wear on the daily. They’re just so easy. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably kept the same pair of studs in for an unforgiving amount of time. Why? Because sometimes it takes a little extra creativity to style a new pair. We often become complacent when it comes to our daily jewellery, and fall into the trap of over-wearing certain pieces and under-wearing diverse items. Read on to find out our top 10 tips for styling a new pair of studs, and discover why you should be investing in more pairs than one...

Mix & Match

Delicate designs and dainty intricacy are characteristic of stud earrings. Don’t be afraid to mix different designs together. Throw caution to the wind and abandon all jewellery rules and myths of the past. Of course, you can wear mismatched metals too. Contrary to popular belief, gold and silver are a stunning pairing.

Likewise, if you have multiple piercings, then feel free to wear as many different styles of studs as you like. This will draw the eye and frame your face.

Oliver Twist Designs | 9kt Yellow Gold Hugs and Kisses Gold Earrings | £1,701.00

Style Your Hair

If you really want to show your studs off, then pin your hair back, tie a loose bun, or try a flattering side pony. This will draw attention to your gorgeous studs. If you’ve invested in a pair of earrings you love, then why not show them off to your best ability?

Another positive to pinning your hair back is that it is less likely to get caught on your earrings. Us curly haired girls really struggle with this issue of the regular. You can hand me a pair of studs over all other styles any day of the week.

Diamond Flower Earrings Gentian

Ehinger Schwarz 1876 | Diamond Flower Earrings Gentian | £555.00

Don’t Think About Your Outfit  

Studs are versatile and can essentially go with any desired outfit. They’re great for work-wear, for gym-wear and even for evening-wear. There’s no occasion that studs aren’t suited for. You can pop them on, and forget about them. Easy peasy.

There is no piece of jewellery more professional than that of studs. You can elevate your office chic style and feel amazing at the same time. Imbue your style will a sense of confidence with a stand-out pair of studs like these.

18kt Rose Gold Vermeil San Shi Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

Tsai x Tsai | 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil San Shi Blue Topaz Stud Earrings | £65.00

Off-The-Cuff Style

Studs don’t require much thought or planning. You can throw on a pair of studs without thinking and will still look effortlessly flawless. There’s something about them that makes your look seem so put-together and so utterly seamless.

If you fancy a bit of over-planning to achieve a golden goddess vibe however, then consider pairing your golden studs with a shimmer of highlighter and a bold wing liner. After all, studs draw attention to your face, and vice versa. Let the people all know that you mean business.

Dragon Skin Earrings Rhodium Plated

RIPA | Dragon Skin Earrings Rhodium Plated | £191.00

Stick With A Theme

Of course you can pair your earrings however which way you want, but having mix and match earrings that retain a similar theme is an endearing and edgy style choice. Take these celestial studs for example. The stars and the moon are of the same galaxy, but bring a little diversity to your jewellery box style.

9kt Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings

Black Betty Design | 9kt Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings | £92.00

Small Details Make A Big Impact

The studs that you choose to wear can accelerate a plain-jane outfit into the high-fashion style arena. How? Well, it’s easy when you know how. Check out this lifestyle picture for example. The outfit is characteristic of an everyday style. You certainly wouldn’t see it featured on any catwalks. But, add a pair of statement studs into the mix and you’re suddenly runway ready. Had the studs not been included, this outfit would not have had the same impact.

Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow Gold Zenais Earrings

Anastazio | Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow Gold Zenais Earrings | £715.00

Confident & Comfy

Studs are your comfort go-to piece of jewellery. You will probably forget you even have them in. Studs are all about understated elegance and style elevation. No matter what style of studs you choose, wear them proudly. Whatever is comfortable for you will empower you. Your jewellery carries an essence of your personality within. What does your jewellery say about you?

Boho Hammered Labradorite Gold Earrings

Sharon Mills London | Boho Hammered Labradorite Gold Earrings | £75.00
Sharon Mills London | Boho Hammered Moonstone Gold Earrings | £75.00

Got A Quirky Side?

Add a little sass to your style with your studs. Make people double-look and double-check your ear candy. They’ll be jealous, and they’ll remain so. Because JewelStreet offer handmade jewellery that you are unlikely to see anyone else wearing. Our pieces are globally sourced from talented independent artisans. There’s nothing more unique than that.

Blossom Stud Earrings

Yen Jewellery | Blossom Stud Earrings | £135.00

Buy Studs In A Set

Pair your studs with a matching necklace, bracelet or ring to make putting on your jewellery in the morning even more stress-free. Buying a collection of jewellery is like planning your outfits for the day ahead. There will be no delay in the morning, just pop them on and head out of the door. No extra thought needed.

18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bijou Moonstone & Opal Earrings

Sharon Mills London | 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bijou Moonstone & Opal Earrings | £55.00

Add One Final Styling Tip...

When buying new studs, look for something you don’t have already. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Leave your comfort zone, and venture out into the realm of luxury handmade jewellery. We have everything you could ever possibly need...

Dark Flower Earrings

YRYS | Dark Flower Earrings | £3,722.00