Choosing your bridal accessories can be a challenge. All is well and good when an expert styles your headpiece and gives advice, but how can you replicate this yourself on the day? When you're with your bridesmaids, you want the least amount of stress as possible. Here are our top tips of how to style your side headpiece without any help. Take a look...

Side headpieces, or side tiaras, have been a loved and cherished ancestor that has inspired many modern bridal trends. But the industry has seen a return to the days of asymmetry and geometric designs. Side headpieces are back in, and you need to not miss out.

Styling an asymmetric piece can be tricky, but we have the tried-and-tested advice for you. From hair, to photography, to your colour scheme. Read on to find out more...

1. Place Your Parting

When wearing a side headpiece, it is important to place the side with the detail onto the side of your head where you section your parting. This will help you to look balanced.

As with all asymmetric accessories, and asymmetric dresses, you need to balance the look and style of the ensemble. Ensure that more of your hair, and more volume, is on the side opposite to the headpiece detailing. Use hairspray, volume powder and backcombing to achieve this look.

If you have a side fringe, put the side headpiece on the opposite side of your face to the fringe itself. Trust me on this one.

Pink Gold Flower Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Pink Gold Flower Headpiece | £235.00

2. Style your hair

Use your hair to cover the band of the headpiece. Work closely with your hair stylist and put your trust in them. Make sure you do your research before you choose your hairdresser and the likelihood is that they will have done many bridal hair styling sessions in the past. They will know exactly how to make the headpiece stand out, and the band blend seamlessly with your hair.

However, the band is also an integral part of the design and can be showcased too if you wish. It’s completely up to your own personal preference. Side headpieces that are set on band like Krausz Jewellery's are, are ideal for brides who have shorter hair or a pixie cut.

Ruby Red Crystal Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Ruby Red Crystal Headpiece | £235.00

3. Pose for pictures

Wearing a side headpiece requires you to pose for pictures in a different way. You need to be mindful of where the detail of the headpiece is, and make sure it is visible in the right direction at all times. 

Make sure you always get your photos taken to showcase the correct side. This is not only important for your wedding photography, but it is also something to take into consideration when you will be standing at the altar. Preferably, your jewellery should be facing your guests, so that everyone can admire and take pictures of it.

This gorgeous piece below catches the light beautifully. Why wouldn’t you want it to be seen?

Ruby Red Crystal Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Ruby Red Crystal Headpiece | £235.00

4. Cool for the colour

Brides of 2019 need not be confined by mere gold and silver. The catwalks have seen the rise of colour entering into bridal industry, and we're loving it.

No one person wants to look like another. Colour will make sure that you stand out on the day when you should be the centre of attention. Even though colour is distinctive, it can also be subtle and feminine. Your jewellery should compliment your dress, and not distract people from it.

Think different, and be different. Side headpieces are returning to the forefront of the bridal industry as we move into an age of modern, geometric and illusion pieces. When you buy handmade, the likelihood is that you will not see another person in your town (or even city) wearing the same piece. You are different, and your jewellery should be too.

Lilac Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Lilac Headpiece | £235.00

5. Secure for the dance floor 

The bridal headpieces featured on JewelStreet are set on a flexible hairband that will be comfortable to wear on the day, and will ensure that your headpiece stays in place no matter how long you stay on the dance floor. 

For extra support, use a few bobby pins on the band itself to secure the headpiece and make sure it doesn't move throughout the day. If you’re doing your own hair, then use lots of product. Not only does this give your hair more volume, it will also help to keep your headpiece in for a longer time.

The headpiece below has been styled with a chic city look in mind. Not only does this piece suit a city wedding, it would suit a country, beach, and traditional wedding too. These headpieces are so versatile, and so unique.

Pink Gold Flower Headpiece

Krausz Jewellery | Pink Gold Flower Headpiece | £235.00