With the warmer months approaching, everyone is getting excited for the Summer events that they have planned, especially festivals. After another successful Coachella in April, people are dusting off their tents and welly boots and ordering copious amounts of festival outfits online. At JewelStreet, we’ve told you what jewellery to bring and what to wear to look flawless at a festival. Now it’s time to tell you how to take the best photos.

There is definitely an art in getting the perfect shot. Of course, not all your photos need to be perfect - that is the reality of festivals. Remember to take general atmosphere photos to show the festival in its glory rather than having your camera reel filled with posed snapshots. When it comes to photo equipment, leave your professional and expensive kit behind. At a festival, you can either lose them, have them stolen or broken in a mosh pit. Your phone, an old school disposable camera or even a Polaroid camera will still take fabulous photos.

Find out how to take the best festival photos and the best jewellery matches for each shot below.

Sunset shot

When taking a festival photo, use all the natural light you can. The colours of the sun and sky throughout the day is a great background to your photo and transition your pictures from day to night. Take full advantage of the sunset for your festival shots. The warm colours of the sunset give a great background to your photo and will make the festival itself look beautiful rather than dirty! Get a sunset shot overlooking the festival to really show off the landscape and music tents. Grab your friends and take group snapshots with the sunset backdrop behind. This photo will hold so many memories and will show off the beauty of nature and the colourful aesthetic of the festival. The backdrop will also take away the stress of editing or colour correction, as the colourful sunset is beautiful enough already.

Best jewellery for your Sunset Shot - Golds


Susan Driver Yellow Gold Plated Petite 3 Studs (Left)| £155.00
Emily Grace Jewellery Gold Vermeil Nest Choker With Wisteria Resin (Middle)| £400.00
FRAN REGAN JEWELLERY | Pendant Vermeil Trio Loop On Gold Chain (Right)| £320.00

Crowd candids

Who doesn’t love a good candid? Take advantage of fellow festival goers and snap them in their element. Everyone at a festival takes pictures so no one will mind if you take one of them (or they’ll be too drunk to notice!) Candids really capture the moment, like the couple who sneak a kiss before running off to see the next act or a group of friends laughing together. These shots are great to get a general feel of the festival rather than taking posed snapshots. For a playful candid (that might not be so candid) have your friend stand alone in the middle of a crowd. With the crowd moving around them, you can get great shots of them living in the moment while others walk around them. You can even go as far as to have them look wistfully away from the camera or get them to fake laugh. This gets a shot which looks like a cheeky candid despite it being a little bit posed. Candids are the best kind of photos as they look so natural and in the moment so try to take lots of these!

Best jewellery for your Crowd Candid - Boho accessories


FARRA Aquamarine Tassel Earrings (Left)| £95.00
Murkani Jewellery Rose Gold Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle (Middle)| £418.00
Kimili | Round Wooden Ring (Right)| £89.00

Cute closeups

Fashion, accessories and makeup at a festival is always over the top and in your face. Whether you’re wearing a flower crown or face glitter, you want to show it off in a photo to show that you’ve made an effort. Take advantage of the accessories and makeup and get cute closeup shots of your friends faces. The natural light behind them will give a golden glow but will mostly allow the camera to focus on them. Get them to smile or pull a funny face while you take shots of them. These photos will show how happy they were and their festival accessories. This is also a fun project to do everyday, to show off the different makeup and jewellery looks as well as recording the transition from the start of the festival to the end, a.k.a from clean to dirty!

Best jewellery for your Cute Closeup - Bold & colourful


Conges Scarab Chain Ring In Yellow Gold (Left)| £1,417.00
Robinson Pelham Multiple Colourful Ear Wishes (Middle)| £245.00
Cosanuova | Multi-Colour Hamsa Necklace (Right)| £73.00

Look up in the crowd

Don’t tell anyone who goes to Coachella, but festivals aren’t all about the outfits and the photos. They’re about the music! Remember that even if you don’t get a good picture of your favourite band, you still got to hear them! If you’re in a crowd and won’t get a good shot of the band, point your camera up and get shots of the crowd, like people sat on other people’s shoulders. If you are dying for a good shot of your favourite musician, ask a friend or a kind stranger if you can go on their shoulders. This way you’ll be high up and can take good shots of the band and the stage. While you’re up there, turn around and take pictures of the crowd. Seeing a big group of people all having a good time is rare and exciting, so take as many shots as you can of everyone enjoying themselves.