Rock & Roll Wedding

So, you and your partner have decided to throw a Rock & Roll wedding. Where to start? You can put a heavy metal twist on any and every aspect of your big day. From the table dressings, to small favours, to stunning bridesmaids’ dresses, to iconic music, to the beautiful venue and - most importantly - to your luxury handmade wedding jewellery. There is a right way to throw a Rock & Roll themed wedding, and you’ve come to the right place to find out how to achieve it. Read on to discover the steps you need to take…

Planning a wedding is all fun and games until you have to do just that: p l a n n i n g. Your original plan can sometimes loose shape and form as you start to buy, book and organise the big day. Make sure you have your theme in mind throughout the process, and always imagine items as part of the bigger whole when you buy them. Making a moodboard of pictures is incredibly helpful. Your moodboard will act as a rough guide to follow. Stick to the moodboard, and the wedding will seamlessly fit into place.

Rock & Roll Wedding

Respect the origins of Rock & Roll...

This is particularly in relation to the music you choose to play. Keep your playlist authentic and full of the greats. I’m talking the genre built upon and established by some of our favourite front men: Freddie Mercury; Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler; Bono; Ozzy Osbourne; Kurt Cobain; David Bowie; Mick Jagger; Jimi Hendrix… honestly I could go on. The Rock & Roll aesthetic was largely popularised in the mid-1960s following the intercultural mix of blues, gospel and mainstream music that was present in the United States at the time. So it would make sense to channel this era of statemented style, iconic vocals and killer guitar solos in your wedding. Crank up the bass and have a boomin’ lovely reception for all your guests to enjoy.

Why not go one step further and hire live music for your Rock & Roll wedding? If you’ve got a few friends who know their way around musical instruments, then why not encourage them to rehearse a special number for your big day? This would a be a great replacement for a best man’s speech, and lyrics can be written in place of a monotonous conventional monologue. If they love playing, then you might get a free gig out of it. Great for the couple who are sticking to a budget!

Rock & Roll

Channel the essence of rock through your jewellery...

Guitars, music notes, skulls, tongues and more. Be as expressive as you want with your jewellery. Even if you have chosen the craziest, most Rock & Roll loving design of all, luxury jewellery still has a way of retaining an air of suave sophistication and elegance to it. Having a wedding theme doesn’t mean that it has to be executed in a cringey or obtuse manner. You can still pull off a successful Rock & Roll wedding at the same time as being elegant.

It is also important to note that a Rock & Roll theme doesn’t solely confine you to the colour black. A pop of hot pink, radiant red or golden tones will elevate your look from what could otherwise be a sombre aesthetic. You can be the front man on your wedding day, and can lead the way with your daring and diverse rockstar style.

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Set the scene and rock the night away…

To elevate the theme even further, you should consider the styling of the venue. Whether you are having your wedding reception in a local village hall, a medieval castle or a beautiful marquee, it’s important to dress the venue as well as you’ve dressed yourselves. Vintage wedding accessories and antique items could suit the theme really well. Spend a little time trawling through second hand furniture shops and car-boot sales, and you’re guaranteed to find something with a quirky and non-conformist edge.

Lighting is also a very important factor. Candles and chandeliers are in keeping with the theme, but there is something about dazzling overhead stage lights that screams heavy metal. Don’t you want to feel like you have VIP exclusive access to the best Rock & Roll event of all time? Strobe lighting and other special effect would work wonders for your reception too. Just ensure that all of your guests are aware of the noise volume, lighting choices and aesthetic. Have a seperate soundproofed room ready for the Grandparents I would say!

Rock & Roll Wedding

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