Layered Earrings

In 2019, it’s rare for someone to only have one piercing. Piercings are huge. More and more men are diving into the pierced lifestyle - just look at how strong the ear game was during Menswear Fashion Week last month. As for women, it’s become increasingly visible that one ear piercing isn’t enough. Did you know that there are over 20 places on your ear to get a piercing!? It’s no wonder earrings are the most-loved jewellery item. They come in all shapes and sizes, giving endless opportunities to carve your authentic style. Fashion has evolved, and one piercing simply won’t do…

Get on trend this season with earrings that are unique, striking and chic. This week we've been discussing all things layered - and layering your earrings is the trend to master! I have curated a selection of gorgeous earrings so you can up your ear game this season. It’s not enough to have just your outfit looking on point. Dress your ear up with the hottest earrings for a stylish look you can make your own.

It's the climb(er)

Falling Climbers Falling Climbers

Lucy Quartermaine | Falling Climbers | £126.00

Climber earrings are great for creating a statement. This trend has been evolving for years. Like the ear cuff, climbers create bold and striking shapes forming jewellery that demands attention. Lucy Quartermaine’s Falling Climbers are a minimalist yet elegant design. Feigning the appearance of falling water droplets, these earrings would make the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Handcrafted from sterling silver, raise your ear game with jewellery that is made with love. The designer is renowned for her sculptural and chic designs. Mix and match with your other earrings for a stylish look that conveys originality.

Suspender Earrings

Yellow Gold Theia Suspender Earring Yellow Gold Theia Suspender Earring

Imperfect Grace | Yellow Gold Theia Suspender Earring | £207.00

Simple elegance and timeless edge is the mantra of jewellery brand, Imperfect Grace. The designer seeks inspiration in Ukrainian culture, especially the patterns within Ukrainian embroidery. With this in mind, Imperfect Grace produces unique and versatile jewellery pieces that command attention. The Theia 14kt Suspender Earring is set with a black rose cut diamond for a touch of added luxury. The earring curves upwards, unlike conventional studs, creating a striking shape and fluid form. I would definitely pair this earring with other gold earrings in my jewellery box. But the simple design allows you to be playful - you can pair these earrings with almost anything!

Cuff it

Statement Nail Pearl Ear-Cuff Statement Nail Pearl Ear-Cuff

Joanna Laura Constantine | Statement Nail Pearl Ear-Cuff | £364.00

And now for my personal favourite jewellery trend - the ear cuff. There’s something about that jewellery item that imbues your attitude with confidence. Slick back your hair and let a statement ear cuff steal the limelight. Feel sexy and sassy with jewellery that radiates style. Joanna Laura Constantine’s Statement Nail Pearl Ear Cuff is a piece you won’t miss. The balance between the feminine pearls and the edgy nails creates a truly one-of-a-kind jewellery item. This is my go-to earring for a night out. Items like this ear cuff should be worn alone for an ultra-edgy and bold look. So wear your jewellery with conviction this season.


Inverted Traveller Sapphire Ear Cuff Inverted Traveller Sapphire Ear Cuff

Suciyan | Inverted Traveller Sapphire Ear Cuff | £1,227.00

This earring is designed by award-winning Instanbul born designer Suciyan. Inspired by the ancient goddess of travel, this contemporary pick reinvents ancient mythology in a modern and chic form. The earrings wraps all the way around the ear and contains fiery coloured sapphires. Bold. Striking. Unique. This is the perfect piece to up your ear game this season. Style with a casual black tea for a dreamy daytime look, or dress up with a black cocktail dress. This earring will elevate your style day to night - what are you waiting for?

Studs n' chains

Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring

Mishanto London | Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring | £245.00

Even dainty and simple pieces can elevate your ear game to 100! Mishanto London’s Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring is a elegant and feminine pick for everyday fashion finesse. This is a great staple item for your jewellery box. Mix and match with your gold and silver earrings for a statement look that will always have your back! The diamond is delicately nestled within the yellow gold form. Feel fantastic with gorgeous jewellery that will up your ear game all year round.


Gold Plated Silver Concord Lobe Cuff Earrings Gold Plated Silver Concord Lobe Cuff Earrings

AKA Jewellery | Gold Plated Silver Concord Lobe Cuff Earrings | £95.00

I bet you had to look twice at these earrings - I certainly did. These unusual hoops are handmade by Brooklyn-based jewellery brand, AKA Jewellery. Each of their jewellery pieces is minimal, contemporary, and radiates harmony. The lobe cuff earrings are actually a stud form, which cleverly creates an illusion of a conch piercing. The smooth surface make these earrings a great everyday wear. Yet the unique design elevates these earrings for a edgy and confident aesthetic. Snap up a sexy style with earrings that are unique and bold.