The roaring twenties were loud and the decade was defined by, of course, the flapper girl. Sporting a bob haircut, a slinky black dress and plenty of jewellery, the art deco period, encompassing the 1920’s and 30’s, ushered a very distinct look in jewellery design that is still popular today.

When deciding how to wear an Art Deco piece, for us, the first thing we think of is a Great Gatsby style party - ropes of pearls, long drop earrings and large shining rings because, let’s admit it, the elegance of the The Great Gatsby-esque look is undeniably entrancing.

So, here’s how you can make a style statement for different occasions. 

Casual wear:

Dazzling chandelier earrings covered in jewels, are the epitome of art deco jewellery but unless you love the glitz and the glamour they can be hard to add to your everyday style. But do not fear, the clean lines and geographic design structures are the easiest and simplest designs to add to your casual wear.

Arrow Studs - £66.00

Handcrafted from the finest quality of sterling silver, designer Lucy Quartermaine celebrates the elegant linear style of the art deco movement. Designed with an eye for detail, these exquisite Arrow Studs feature an eye-catching geometric arrow design with the elegant touch of a butterfly backing.

Glorious right? Pair these with a top and jeans, or casual trousers, to add the perfect amount of casual chic glamour.  

Art Deco Earrings - £2,440.00

The long form and geometric detail style of earrings is charming for casual attire, where glamour is desired, but a clean-cut finish is admired.

Choose Art Deco Earrings by Victoria Six for a charming and timeless appeal. Their simplicity in design coupled with luxurious elements like gleaming rose gold, akoya pearls, and moon stone capture the essence of the ‘20s. If you are naturally drawn to black ensembles, these would be perfect for you!

Cocktail party:

Art Deco jewellery often combines bold modernist design elements with luxe diamonds to create a distinctive accessory. We don’t typically favour the ‘less is more’ option (especially for a cocktail party) but vivid art deco pieces can steal the show alone.

Glamour Manifestation - £5,132.00

Jazz up your fashion quotient by adding a statement necklace. By statement we don’t mean chunky, we mean Uwe Koetter’s dazzling 18kt white gold diamond and tanzanite pendant - Glamour Manifestation.

Renowned for award winning designs favoured for decades by royalty, heads of state and celebrities including Kate Moss, Nicholas Cage and HM Queen Elizabeth II, Koetter’s design will transform you into a glamour queen.

Art Deco Ring - £5,434.00

For a modern take on the trend, choose the Art Deco Ring by Alexis Danielle Jewellery to make art deco feel as fresh as is it did nearly a century ago.

Made from a superb quality of diamonds and natural rubies, this mind blowing ring offers the best of both worlds - gorgeous vintage and artisan-made contemporary designs.

Strive for sharp lines and centre pieces, rather than delicate chains, to be the centre of attention. 

Special Occasion:

Whether you want to turn heads (who doesn’t?) or simply look glamorous for an occasion (again, who doesn’t?), we’ve got the accessories that you need.  

The Deco Aquamarine Earrings - £12,800.00 

Encompassing clean, symmetrical lines of art deco, Luis Miguel Howard’s Deco Aquamarine Earrings are the perfect show stoppers for a special occasion. Boasting jewels, and designed with the words glistening, extravagant and rich in his mind, the chandelier earrings have been designed to move and maximise the light reflected in the stone.

Bold, dazzling and timeless - the three words that will sum up your outfit.

Art Deco Bangle - £627.00

If you strive for bold but not sparkly bold, you will love Lucy Quartermaine's Art Deco Bangle.  Clean-cut linear and circular elements are brought together in this unique bangle. Handcrafted from the finest sterling silver and delicately embellished with Swarovski stones, LucyQ’s design blends the Art Deco styles with contemporary trends.

Team this beautiful bangle with a classic floor length dress to epitomise glamour and sophistication.