Opt for top-to-toe glamour this summer with a swarm of beautiful bumble bee brooches. A distinctive piece of jewellery, these glitzy accessories promise to offset your outfit.

There is a stigma of fear over bees, and whilst we like to enjoy our summer picnics in peace, we have to appreciate how beautiful bees are.

Bumble bee brooches transform a whole outfit in ways you could not imagine. From centre pieces, to a detailed clasp, to creating your own choker, we are buzzing over the underrated brooch.

Unsure how to style bumble bee brooches? Well, we have got you covered. Read on to discover our favourite ways to wear the bold brooch.

Will Bishop: Silver Bumble Bee Brooch - £110.00

Whether it’s making a simple white tee look bold or transforming a print dress into something exotic, a little bit of silver and gold can have a huge impact.

If the vibrant colour of a bumble bee isn’t for you, opt for Will Bishop’s Silver Bumble Bee Brooch. Influenced by the sculpture of fine art, Will creates an intricately detailed brooch with the bumble bees natural mouldings.

The delicate details and precise shaping of Will’s design has a rustic feel, making his jewellery versatile yet luxurious. So if you strive for a boho-chic style everyday, this is definitely the piece for you. This never-out-of-style brooch will make your outfit feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic.

To create a buzzing statement, wear this brooch with a crochet top or dress. Crochet clothing has an unique honeycomb look to it (well at least we think it does), so create the scene of a bee and its hive and ultimately be the winner of this trend.

Nicole Barr: Silver Bee Yellow Brooch - £322.00

Bee brooches are unapologetically bold. Get a style buzz with a realistic bumble bee and you will be sure to capture everyone’s attention. But, have no fear, we promise heads will turn for the right reasons.

Nicole Barr’s Silver Bee Yellow Brooch is lovingly crafted with a high attention to detail and delicately laced with precious white sapphire gemstones. Oozing vibrancy and creativity, this brooch captures the true essence of the humble bumble bee.

Get up close and personal with the vital creature and wear this brooch like a medal. If you are attending a special evening party, wear a string of freshwater pearls with the Silver Bee Yellow Brooch to emphasis its vibrant details, or for a casual summer’s day, pin this brooch to a white or black belt and style around your waist with a floral dress.

You will radiate a buzzing summer scene.

Agora Jewellery: Silver Filigree Bee Brooch - £390.00

Have you found the perfect low-cut dress for a summer party but you are worried about the revealing neckline? Well, we have the answer to your problems…

Agora Jewellery’s Silver Filigree Bee Brooch is a one-of-a-kind creation that empowers the wearer, making you feel confident and beautiful. The contemporary, intricate design exudes a radiant fragility which makes it more delightful to behold.

Made from sterling silver, and using the ancient art of filigree, brought from Spain and Italy to Colombia in the 16th Century, Agora’s design is beautifully crafted with elegance and whimsicality.

It is sure to transform a revealing dress into a classic chic attire. And, wearing it at the centre of your neckline creates the illusion of a necklace (just without the chain).

This special accessory will undoubtedly be visible from your first hello, but, more than anything else, this brooch is a terrific way of adding more summery detail to an outfit. And that is rarely a bad thing.