In honour of the JewelStreet theme of the week being the green August gemstone, I’m tackling a frequently asked question… how do I wear green? Green is a colour people shy away from, mainly because there are ‘fashion rules’ against the colour. But, rules are made to be broken! Green is not just for St Patrick’s Day, so here are my top 3 tips on how to wear green. It’s not easy being green but somebody’s gotta do it! Make that person you.

People’s immediate thought of green is either too bright, like St Patrick’s Day, or too dark, like a Christmas tree. Green has many different shades to choose from, which gives you a plethora of style possibilities. Olive green is a deep colour, with underlying tones of brown. It works well with similar colours with a brown undertone, like nudes and neutrals. Khaki is a darker green with a distinct military look about it. Trousers and jumpsuits made from a khaki material is increasingly stylish and an Autumn/Winter staple. On the lighter side, lime green is bright, vibrant and completes a Summer dress. Pastel green is a versatile colour, which is regularly seen around Springtime. Whatever the season, all of these shades blend well with other colours and work together for a multi-green vibe.

LaParra Jewels 18kt Rose Gold Ring With Green Diamonds & Tsavorite (Left)| £1,975.00
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Allumer | Allumette Bell Necklace - Green (Right)| £24.00

This is usually where people turn away from green - matching it with other colours. Blue and green has been a big no-no for quite some time, but fashion rules are repeatedly rewritten. I’ve picked 4 basic colours which look stunning next to green.

Firstly, we have red. Many avoid red and green because it has a festive feel but it works all year round. Red and green are ‘complementary colours’ on the colour wheel, as they are exactly opposite each other. Red and green balance each other out with their individual brightness and richness. A khaki or olive green is a brilliant shade to pair with a vibrant pop of red, as seen above. With jewellery, ruby and emerald are a beautiful combination that gives a luxurious and romantic look.

Next is purple and green. Purple and green (along with orange) are triadic colours, meaning they make up a triangle on the colour wheel. Although they are drastically different, they make a bold look when you choose the right tones. Pick neutral and faded purples, like lilac and lavender and pair them with pastel green. This is a fresh Springtime vibe which looks very high-fashion. In jewellery, amethyst comes in both purple and green hues, and when paired together make a shiny and colourful look. A pair of green and purple amethyst earrings will give the face a warm glow.

Now there’s pink and green. I used to wear pink and green when I was younger, and wow was that a mistake. However, this was because I wore very dark green tights with a very light pink mini skirt… why my mum let me leave the house like that I will never know. You need shades that balance each other. Going bright creates a big contrast which really pays off. Pair a hot bubblegum pink with an equally bright lime green, as we see above. Alternatively, choose light pastel shades of the two. Green gemstones look stunning with rose quartz, and a dainty necklace featuring this would look perfect in the Summer.

Lastly, we have yellow. Yellow and green have similar hues and create a sweet Summer look. Whether you prefer them bright or pastel, they work together wonderfully. Gemstones like peridot and citrine are the perfect combination as they really compliment each other, without distract too much attention from one another.

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This might be unimaginative but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Green and florals go hand in hand and are a great way to introduce green into your wardrobe if you’re just starting out. Floral patterns incorporate green with colours you wouldn’t normally pair together. This is a handy way for green to become a subtle background. People will enjoy the bigger picture of the print, rather than focusing on the green.

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