Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m guessing you’re either counting down the days or absolutely dreading it. Valentine’s Day is like marmite - you either love it or you hate it. I happen to love it - delicious boxes of chocolate, corny cards and beautiful red and pink colours that surround the day are all reasons I’ve fallen head over heels for Valentine’s day!

Before the haters of Valentine’s day start chasing me with pitchforks, let me give you an idea of why Valentine’s day is so special. Of course, we should be spreading love to our friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends and so on all year round but life gets in the way. Maybe you don’t have time for a date night this month or you’re not going to see each other for a while. Things come up and plans change but Valentine’s day is a fixed day in the year, where everyone is encouraged to spoil their loved ones and tell them that they love them - and is there anything wrong with spreading a little love?

Spoil your loved ones this Valentine’s day with jewellery! Stick to traditions this year and buy your loved one something in the trademark colours of Valentine’s day - red and pink. Deep dazzling reds and pretty precious pinks are romantic and timeless. Incorporate these gorgeous colours with hearts and Cupid bows to really emphasise your love.

Red hot love

Red is a traditional colour of Valentine’s day, symbolising love and passion with its rich colour. If you’re looking for a gemstone to give to your loved one, a red ruby is perfect as it gives protection to its wearer and attracts love. Red jewellery oozes with decadence and gives a deep glow to any outfit. Stick to the traditional colour and go for something daring, like the Enshrined Heart & Dagger Ring by Metal Couture. Its breathtaking and Gothic design is perfect for both men and women with stunning rose cut diamonds, rubies and black pearls.


Lily Blanche Sterling Silver Vintage Heart Locket (Left)| £150.00
Metal Couture Enshrined Heart & Dagger Ring (Middle)| £6,875.00

Pretty in Pink

For something more feminine, pink is a pretty and romantic colour, perfect in heart shaped jewellery. If you’re looking to gift something with a gorgeous pink colour that isn’t too feminine, pick rose gold jewellery. Rose gold is versatile, classic and a big hit with young women, as a colourful and more affordable version of gold. Pink and rose isn’t just for women either. Add a pop of pink to a smart suit, with the Brass Pink Contrast Silver Colour Crystal Cufflink Bar. These cufflinks are sleek and stylish with pink and purple stones - they make the perfect gift for him this Valentine's.


Oh my Christine Jewelry Heart Morganite Ring  (Left)| £579.00
Cosanuova Heartbeat Ring (Right)| £950.00

Hit by Cupid’s Arrow

In mythology, Cupid is the God of eroticism, desire, affection and attraction. Cupid is often portrayed as a chubby baby, armed with a bow and arrow. If hit by Cupid’s arrow, that someone is filled with uncontrollable love and desire. Cupid’s arrows cause people to fall madly in love and he has become a symbol for Valentine’s day, appearing on cards from as early as the 1800s. Wear golden arrows to show your appreciation for the God of love. The Sterling Silver & Gold Cupid Heart & Arrow Earrings from Vicky Davies are a mismatched pair that symbolise love and the mythology of Valentine’s Day.


Vintouch Italy Cherubino Brooch (Middle)| £59.00
Naomi Davies Jewellery Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold Cupid Bangle (Right)| £280.00