British fine jewellery brand Created Brilliance is renowned for their use of responsibly sourced and lab-grown diamonds, to craft expertly designed classic pieces. Designer and founder Sophie joins us today, as she tells us more about how the brand values align with JewelStreet's and much more!

How do you ensure your designs are ethical and sustainable?

We are RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified as is our factory. We hand-pick our lab-grown diamonds, which are a more sustainable choice. No mining is required, so no land, wildlife or local communities are displaced or conflicts funded.

How are your products made?

Our Created Brilliance pieces are all handmade in our factory after we have worked on the development of the designs, testing with 3D printing and models to make sure we are happy with them. These are then handset with the handpicked lab grown diamonds and gemstones depending on the designs.

How do you want someone to feel when they wear/use your designs?

Confident and proud!

Are there any other designers whose work you particularly admire?

A couple of my favourites are Alex Monroe, Thomasz Donocik and Monica Vinader, a mixed bag!

How do you ensure your designs are ethical and sustainable?

We selectively create to remain sustainable and classic, but we like to bring in a new twist to keep on top of trends.

What drew you to JewelStreet?

We wanted to be part of a platform where customers are looking for ethical, sustainable pieces that are relatable and grow the brand's visibility.

How do your brand values align with those of JewelStreet?

The synergy with Jewel Street felt good. With the offering of ethically made and sustainable jewellery coming from a smaller brand.

The Jewel Street customer is looking for these key points and it allows them to shop and purchase something different yet classic in a busy field, we hope they will love Created Brilliance too as we have now joined the community!

If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why?

My Audrey engagement ring, I love it and the signature heart detailing!

Thank you very much for talking with us Sophie!

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