Colourful jewellery is one of this season’s hottest trends. But for many of us, taking the leap to purchase a bold and bright piece of clothing or accessory is a lot more intimidating than it seems. How many times have you thought: red isn’t my colour, or, it’s a bit too bold for me. Colour is a great way to express your authentic style. All you need to look fabulous in colourful outfits is confidence. Lucky for you, I’ve handpicked the top five influencers who are masters of colour. With their example, you’ll feel inspired to ditch the colour-fear and embark on your rainbow journey to style heaven. Scroll down and discover their colour-tastic looks...


Miranda Makaroff (@mirandamakaroff)

There’s lots of reasons to follow Spanish actress Miranda Makaroff, and her mastery of colour coordination is certainly one of them. As her bio states, a sense of humour is a prerequisite for following this influencer. Not only will you be wowed by her original sense of style and bold aesthetic, you’ll come to love every shade of her colourful personality. Her yellow ensemble is full of attitude. Featuring a killer pair of checkerboard hoops, Makaroff proves that a striking style is un chievable without confidence. Ditch the dull winter tones and inject some colour in your life this season. With the influence of women like Miranda Makaroff, you’ll be on the yellow brick road to style paradise in no time.

Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada)

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