Sometimes, the greatest things come from the humblest beginnings. Jehangir Singh Noor, the lead designer of JS Noor, established himself in the US after immigrating from India. He worked with his dad on jewellery designs using humble materials – beads, glass, and other non-precious materials.
Eventually, building a reputation for design and trustworthiness he began designing in gold and precious stone, creating whimsical designs with a distinct Eastern aesthetic.
Now run by Jehangir Singh Noor and his son, Shah Noor, the brand is going from strength to strength. We chat with Jehangir Singh Noor about how growing up in India influences his designs and why he insists anyone who works on his jewellery is paid above market wage.

When did you fall in love with jewellery?

“When I was in law school I enrolled on a gemmology course. At the university, playing with stones and diamonds was awesome. Since I had always been an artist, I started making jewellery designs as a hobby.”


How did you get into the jewellery industry?

“I’m self-taught and was led into design and art by my father and my aunt (who was an artist also). I started designing by using organic materials like buffalo bone. Later, I started using stones, silver and gold. My mentor would have to be the divine spirit and my father who was an entrepreneur for most of his life.”

"I grew up in India; a palette of incredible colour."

How has growing up in India influenced your collection?

“I grew up in India; a palette of incredible colour. It’s difficult not to be inspired to keep sketching if you’re an artist. The architecture of the old buildings lends to so many jewellery designs, the vines in the screens of the Taj, the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, the eclectic images of Ganesha; all of these are my constant inspiration.”

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Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

“The main inspirations behind JS Noor are spirituality and the Asian and Eastern aesthetic, including architecture. The free-form nature of many of our designs reflects the Indian and Tibetan view on the world. In Hindi, the word for tomorrow is the same as the word for yesterday - a reflection of how the culture understands itself, time, and our place in it. In the same way, there is a whimsical quality in our design.”

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"I always insist that anyone who works on our jewellery is paid a wage higher than the market wage."

Values are hugely important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values at JS Noor?

“I always insist that anyone who works on our jewellery is paid a wage higher than the market wage. Also, it’s very important to me that we represent our materials with absolute accuracy.”

Where do you do your best work?

“I create my best work in the gardens of my Maryland home, with chai. Our jewellery is designed by me, and most of our JS Noor pieces are made in India at our workshop. Some of our pieces are made in our LA workshop.”

What’s the most meaningful piece of jewellery you’ve ever received?

“In the Sikh faith, we wear Karas - steel bracelets symbolizing our faith and acting as a reminder to live honestly and work hard. My grandfather, Sardar Baldev Singh, was born in 1901, and he gave me his Kara that he wore all his adult life. I have worn this bracelet my entire life, it won’t come off, the only way would be to cut it off. It’s a steel bracelet, not gold or precious metal. But it’s definitely the most important piece of jewellery in my life.”


How do you want someone to feel when they wear a piece of JS Noor jewellery?

“Empowered and endowed with the confidence to believe in themselves.”

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"I know the ocean is there to conquer, and I am just getting my feet wet."

Are there any clients you are particularly proud of?

“I am proud of all my clients, Hollywood folks and everyone else. To me, all my clients are “A-Listers”. Yes, I have some prominent clients - women who have been first and second ladies, and some movie producers I met through shows in Santa Monica. But the reason I love them is for their humbleness and grace. I love architecture, and having seen and appreciated the Hearst castle, having my jewellery worn by the Hearst family in California is pretty cool!”

What’s been the highest point of your career so far? 

“Watching my son join my business and beginning the expansion of the JS Noor brand.”

What does the future hold for JS Noor?

“I feel like a kid who has just learned to swim. I know the ocean is there to conquer, and I am just getting my feet wet.”

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