Introducing Rosafa Skincare, a beauty brand that combines the company's cultural traditions with modern scientific techniques, join us as they give a little more insight into some of their brand values. 

Values are really important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values? 

At Rosafa, we strive to improve the quality of the communities we serve by reducing our environmental impact, formulating our products responsibly, and supporting charitable causes. We believe our customers, communities, and planet deserve ethically produced products.
In order to maximize the cleanliness and functionality of our skincare products, all of our raw materials come from Mother Nature. 
We use efficacious ingredients that are drawn from nature and backed by science and we proudly stand behind the quality, potency, and safety of our products.
The ingredients used in our products are kind to Earth: without parabens, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. 
They are also kind to your skin as they have natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Do you work with any charities?
Yes, we are currently working with One Tree Planted.
How do your brand values align with those of JewelStreet?
Our products are natural, clean, and sustainable and all our ingredients are ethically sourced. 
We also pride ourselves on providing cruelty-free products that are also all luxurious. 
Thank you for talking with us Team!