Known for their boldness and vibrancy, A cuckoo moment... handcraft playful jewellery from non-endangered, ethically sourced animal leathers. At the soul of the company is founder and designer, Lia Fallschessel who started the brand in 2005. Based in Düsseldorf, A cuckoo moment... are now at the forefront of non-endangered, animal-inspired jewellery, with an array of exotic leather materials to choose from including python, ostrich leg and crocodile.

Crafted in Germany, Italy and Spain, Lia keeps her eye on the pulse, using fashion, art and luxury as a focal point of design. Their energetic pieces are on-trend and add a definite flair to any outfit. We chat with Lia about quitting her job to become a jewellery designer, where she feels most inspired and the importance of handcrafting jewellery.

When did you know you wanted to be a jewellery designer?

“I’ve wanted to be a designer ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl I always wanted to become a designer, but my parents thought it was better to study something else. After a while working in my job, I was bored and was having no fun. So, I created my first jewellery collection and showed it 12 years ago at Bread & Butter in Berlin. It was so much fun and I had such a big success that I decided to change my full time job to a halftime job. Unfortunately, very quickly I realised that it wasn’t possible doing two such different jobs at the same time, so I quit my first job and started with A cuckoo moment...”


Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in the mountains with a big house and a huge garden. There, I collected leaves and started to draw them. I remember having a doll made of paper, I drew many beautiful dresses for her and this started my love of design.”

“I’ve wanted to be a designer ever since I can remember."

How did you get into the jewellery industry?

“A friend of mine called Bernd Schürmann trained me; at the time he was the designer and product manager of a well-known German brand.”


Where do you do your best work?

“I always get the best inspiration during my journeys. This could be during jewellery fairs, or during a holiday.”

"All our exotic skins are from farms or from non-endangered species."

Values are really important to us at Jewelstreet, what your core brand values?

“It is very important for me that all my jewellery is made in Germany and Europe, and that the majority of work is done by hand. Our jewellery is made by different goldsmiths and our own bangle makers, all by hand. We do all the finishing in our atelier in Düsseldorf, Germany. All our exotic skins are from farms or from non-endangered species.”


How do you want someone to feel when they wear your designs?

“I want them to feel special and beautiful wearing our jewellery, like the piece was made just for her. My jewellery is very colourful and you can’t get it anywhere else. I hope people feel like ‘look at me I’m wearing this bold piece and I look amazing’.”

A cuckoo moment... is available to buy on Jewelstreet here.