January is three days away (2018 went too fast for my liking!) so I’m here to give you the top jewellery picks for the January Birthstone - Garnet.

What is Garnet?

Garnet is a gemstone made from silicate materials, which are rock-forming minerals that make up the majority of the Earth’s crust. Garnet has been used as early as the Bronze Age and come in many different colours. Red and orange are the best known colours of garnet but it also comes in green, purple, blue, brown, yellow, black, pink and colourless hues. It is a plentiful stone, as it comes in a vast range of shapes, sizes and colours. Garnet is a hard stone and is used in abrasive materials.

Garnet is derived from the Latin word granatum malum, meaning pomegranate. It has been used in jewellery and other work items since 3000BC. In early communities, garnet was believed to offer protection in the afterlife, so it was regularly found in tombs and burial grounds. The Czech Republic have a long history with garnet, with the act of cutting and polishing garnets becoming a rich industry for the country.

Garnet is a passionate stone with lots of sentimental meaning to it. The stone represents commitment and eternity, making garnet the perfect gemstone to feature in an engagement ring.


Facts about Garnet

In the Middle Ages, people believed that garnet would stop bleeding and would prevent and cure blood infections. It was also believed to have medicinal qualities, like curing depression, protect against poison, prevent drowning and stop bad dreams.

Garnet is a very spiritual stone. It has protective energies, curing powers and evokes strong feelings to the person who owns it.

Garnet was seen as a symbol of life by Ancient Egyptians. Garnet is seen throughout many religions and traditions. According to legends, Noah used a piece of glowing garnet to light the ark during the many days and nights he was aboard and garnet was believed to represent Christ’s sacrifice.

Garnet is the designated stone for 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries.


Here are the top picks for garnet necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, perfect for January babies!


Garnet works perfectly with both gold and silver, with the deep red of the gemstone combining with warming gold or cool silver to create a dazzling effect. Go big and bold by making the garnet the main feature of the necklace, like the Solo Pendant In Silver With Faceted Gemstone, a vibrant and striking look that will draw everyone’s eyes.

Elinor Cambray Jewellery | Solo Pendant In Silver With Faceted Gemstone (Left)| £110.00
Vintouch Italy| Luccichio Garnet Choker Necklace (Right)| £63.00


Lily Blanche Sterling Silver Vintage Heart Locket (Left)| £150.00
Mishanto London | Loris Garnet Necklace (Middle)| £90.30
London Road Jewellery | Blossom Birthstone Yellow Gold Garnet Pendant (Right)| £195.00


Bracelets are incredibly versatile and incorporating gemstones with a bracelet is an amazing way to add more colour into any look. The Garnet Veneto Hamsa Cuff from Mishanto London combines delicate rose gold with studs of garnet. The cuff is intricately designed with a patterned and textured finish and engulfs the wrist, capturing everyone’s attention. The bigger the better in my opinion!


Gisele for Eshvi January Garnet Bracelet (Left)| £2,160.00
Isla | Cylindric Bracelet Garnet (Middle)| £80.00
Mishanto London | Cari Garnet Silver Bracelet (Right)| £59.50


Mishanto London | Garnet Veneto Hamsa Cuff (Left)| £145.60
Syna 18kt Rhodolite Garnet Charm Bracelet (Right)| £952.00


Garnet represents eternity and commitment and what better way to express those qualities than in a ring? Garnet would be a dazzling and meaningful inclusion in an engagement ring or alternative wedding ring, but would also work well in eternity and promise rings.


Oh My Christine Jewelry | Garnet Gold Ring (Left)| £600.00
Susan Wheeler Design | Orange Garnet Ring (Right)| £2,152.00


Will Bishop | Small Sterling Silver & Garnet Drum Ring  (Left)| £135.00
Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte Pure Line Ring in Gold And Orange Garnets (Middle)| £713.00
Jo Baker Cascade Ring Garnet (Right)| £350.00


Earrings are always a popular jewellery choice, however they can be somewhat overlooked. They are comfortable to wear but are quite easy to ignore or forget that you even have them in. That is not what we want to happen! Earrings are beautiful and can be jazzed up perfectly by gemstones. Studs don’t have to be simple and dull and these 18kt Gold, Diamond & Spessartite Garnet Earrings by Marcello Riccio are anything but boring!


Marcello Riccio 18kt Gold, Diamond & Spessartite Garnet Earrings (Left)| £750.00
Perle de Lune 18kt Gold Pink Garnet Ear Cuff (Right)| £290.00

Syna | 18kt Rhodolite Garnet Chakra Earrings (Left)| £1,108.00
Black Betty Design Garnet Loops (Middle)| £1,039.00
RIPA Sputnik Earrings Gold Plated Alternative (Right)| £125.25