Proposal story

 Where was the proposal?

 Last Friday on a glacier in Iceland!

 Tell us how you met

We me online dating! After searching through everyone under the filters I had selected, I gave up hope a little - then the website showed me an entirely random selection of chaps on a header toolbar, and that's where I spotted Steve! I messaged him on a whim but he lived too far away for me, so I never thought we would even meet - I certainly didn't know he would be my absolute one!!

Proposal Story

Tell us how he/she asked

He took me away for the most perfect birthday present to Iceland, which he led me through a series of surprise hints and clues. Then on the trip, on a glacier, in the ice cold, we stopped for a photo, when Steve asked for a second photo and he dropped down to one knee as a random man nervously took a tonne of photos! I cried, we hugged and he put on the most beautiful ring that he had bought at the end of us living abroad together a few months back (turns out he had been saving for the two years we lived away!). He already arranged champagne at the hotel for that night, and whilst we never saw the Northern Lights, this was more amazing than I ever could have imagined

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