We love to talk about the work of Alberian & Aulde.

We get to drop names: Billy Crystal, Debra Messing and Alanis Morissette are fans.

As are great institutions. Like the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, who featured their work in a 2019 show: Redefining Fine Jewellery.

We think they've "redefined fine jewellery" alright.

Without ever forgetting why you wear jewellery:

Their focus is always on you - your look and feel.

These outstanding art works will be with you for life.

In your family for generations.

Yet, you can start to invest in Alberian & Aulde from just a few hundred pounds.
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Blue labroadorite ribbon necklace

Easy, sensuous and slinky lines that shape to your body. A black rhodium finish on a 27-inch sterling silver chain helps luminous labradorite marquise cabochons shine out.
Elegant, sophisticated and versatile.
Sterling silver two-step stud earrings

White topaz glistens against blackened silver. This is 2 looks in 1. Designed for left and right-ear wear these studs can be switched for a fresh perspective. 
22kt yellow gold maharaja ring

A one-off, signature piece - yours and yours alone. It's opulent and indulgent with a 2 carat-plus central stone surrounded by 3.88 carats of white diamonds in rose cut. It's also wearable, easy to style and super up to date. 
Blue moonstone flou bracelet

You'll love wearing this clever bracelet. Designed so the stones always show, making it the star piece of a wrist-full of your favourites. Rose gold helps draw the eyes to the rose-cut moonstone. 
14kt Yellow Gold Athena Hoop Earring

Your new special-occasion show stoppers. Simple enough - topaz framed in gold - and big enough to make a splash. You'll glow with light as you star in these attention-grabbing hoops.
  • Understatement
  • Innovation
  • Versatility 
  • Comfort
You see Alberian & Aulde's core values in every piece. 

You'll swoon at this heady mix of Big Apple style - they met while in NY art colleges - with a fine appreciation of Indian-sourced and cut precious stones. 

The attention to detail and quality of making has to be seen and touched to be believed.

So get your first Alberian & Aulde piece now. 
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