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Ten years ago, the term ‘blog’ was a pretty new concept. Writing a blog would usually take the form of an online diary, a running commentary of one’s everyday activities. Today, ‘bloggers’, ‘vloggers’ and ‘influencers’ are the monarchs of social media. They dominate every platform, from Instagram to YouTube, creating dialogues on a diverse number of topics. In fashion, blogging is a hugely influential cog in the industry. If a blogger establishes a strong reputation, their opinion governs what’s hot, and what’s not.

However, there are now millions of fashion and lifestyle blogs. Bloggers can make a large amount of money from paid ads, and so it is important to distinguish authentic style and expertise when deciding who to follow. Moreover, as a topic, jewellery encompasses an array of different elements. Style, design, manufacture, gemology - the list is endless. Luckily, there are a number of talented writers that will infuse your life with the glamour and excitement that defines the world of jewellery. Here are the top five jewellery writers and influencers you should be following in 2019.

Katerina Perez

Katerina Perez

Instagram: @katerina_perez

Katerina Perez is 2018’s UK Jewellery Blogger of the Year. The award aimed to show recognition of the influence bloggers have within the jewellery industry. Perez has been commended for her expert content, and business-savvy approach to social media. As a trained gemologist, Perez’s journalistic approach to jewellery results in credible and informative blogs from an expert source. Her passion for jewellery stems from childhood, through the encouragement of artistic parents. Perez comments: “fine jewellery and precious gemstones truly represent the beauty of human expression” showing how her love of gemology surpasses mere passion, and bleeds into a philosophy.

Perez’s website (click here) examines jewellery under various lenses. Her style and trends section will show you how to accessorise and stay on-trend with jewellery. Articles such as ‘Jewellery bags: Luxury accessories and precious elements collide’ shows how the writer infuses her pieces with innovative and interesting twists. However, if you are interested in the science and culture behind precious gemstones, Perez’s expert knowledge makes her our top blogger to follow for all jewellery-enthusiasts.


Liza Urla of GEMOLOGUE

Instagram @gemologue

GEMOLOGUE fuses fashion and fine jewellery through the expert eyes of Liza Urla. Urla is Russian-born, London-based and NYC-educated. Her eclectic and chic style has been molded through a love of travel. As readers, we are taken to the most intimate corners of the world all in pursuit of the most sought-after jewels. 

GEMOLOGUE is appealing in many ways. The blog is firstly aesthetically pleasing. The high quality photographs used by Urla allow us to see jewellery in the way it should be seen - up close and personal. However, Urla’s eye for authentic style takes her to various sectors in fashion, from street style, to high fashion, to the rare, bespoke, and exclusive. You can understand how GEMOLOGUE has collaborated with over 500 designers. Her interviews brilliantly show the uniqueness and originality of each designer. She paints the most vivid pictures with her writing. By following her blog, not only will you become knowledgeable in all things gemological, but you’ll also be fed a narrative, making each story feel like it’d unfolding before your very eyes.

BeJeweled Magazine

Bejeweled Magazine

Instagram: @bethbjeweled

Whether your interest in jewellery leans toward the antique or the contemporary, every story told by BeJeweled is worth reading. BeJeweled is a magazine for the narratives behind jewellery. Founded by jewellery historian and antique jewellery expert, Beth Bernstein, the magazine is rich with expert knowledge. For Bernstein, the passion for jewellery manifested from watching the films of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The glamour and intrigue of jewellery captivated her from a young age, leading her to embody Hollywood’s Golden Age of style.

BeJeweled is particularly impressive for its detailed reports of the industry scoop, which you can read about here. The history of jewellery and its potential for collecting is an intriguing aspect of fashion history itself. BeJeweled’s expertise regarding the fine jewellery market and auctions lends itself to relevant and impressive news pieces. For example, BeJeweled’s piece on the Sotheby’s auction of Marie Anotinette’s jewellery was incredibly detailed and informative. Whilst their styling tips also offer fascinating content for any jewellery-lover. For me, the hidden gem of BeJeweled lies in the way they make past jewellery exceedingly relevant today.

In Detail

Beanie major

Instagram: @indetaillondon

Jewellery consultant and industry commentator, Beanie Major, founded In Detail in 2011 with the intention of providing a unique yet accessible perspective on jewellery. Again, the fascinating stories behind individual jewellery pieces remains the sole focus of In Detail. The platform displays an innate understanding of the power and emotion jewellery can inspire. Not only does In Detail showcase emerging designers, but the magic of In Detail comes alive as we are invited into the jewellery boxes of fashion’s elite, from Pandora Sykes to Zara Martin.

If you look at In Detail’s Manifesto, the brand unpacks it’s core philosophy, that is, the ‘enduring connection between wearer and jewellery’. Not only is In Detail concerned with the design process and heritage of jewellery, but also the sourcing, mining and work that is put into each individual piece of jewellery. Follow In Detail for contemporary jewellery stories with an angle. They champion everyone’s voice, women, men, experts, novices, wearers, designers - anyone who is connected through a love for jewellery.

Champagne Gem

Champagne Gem

Instagram: @champagnegem

Champagne Gem certainly lives up to their tagline: ‘your daily dose of sparkle’. Feast your eyes on the most extravagant, dazzling and opulent jewels. Your eyes will resemble emeralds as you enviously swoon over the world’s finest gems. Melbourne based, Persian born diamond enthusiast and blogger, Bebe Bakhshi, was exposed to sparkling diamonds from a young age. Champagne Gem was Bebe’s creation to share the world’s hidden gems. This is the blog to follow to feed your obsession with high-end jewellery. Bebe operates predominantly from Instagram, as she feels it’s the best way to visually and sensually connect her followers to the jewellery she discovers.

From bridal jewellery to vintage gems, Champagne Gem has an opinion for every kind of jewellery-enthusiast. Champagne Gem will imbue your Instagram feed with elegance, luxury and awe as you peruse her sparkling picks from jewellery designers around the globe. Also, she has the most beautifully manicured hands, so if you’re after some aesthetic gold alongside incredible content, Champagne Gem won’t let you down!

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