Birmingham-based Jacqui Land Keavney created GlobalSoul Jewellery in 2008. After she became bankrupt, she threw herself into meditation and her Chi Collection came through to her during this practice. Since then Jacqui has created “Jewellery For Your Soul” with her 5 Chi Collections - Balance, Compassion, Harmony, Infinity and Peace. Each piece is infused with divine energy and is designed with the intention of setting its wearer free and connecting them to their inner heart, through symbolic meanings, messages and meditations.

GlobalSoul brings honesty and authenticity to the jewellery market. GlobalSoul chooses their suppliers based on their ethical values and if they don't match, there's no partnership. As a member of the British Jewellery Association, Jacqui picks expert silversmiths to produce her pieces. She then makes her jewellery in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter using sterling silver, rose gold, swarovski crystals and gemstones.

How did your brand begin?

I became bankrupt in 2008. Around this time, my meditation became deeper and after a short period I had a book full of shapes and words. A psychic told me they were jewellery and that it was very important. That’s how my journey into jewellery began... not the norm, I know but it changed my life in a whole new way.

Values are really important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values?

To be authentic, honest and loyal to my customers. I carefully choose work partners to craft my pieces to guarantee authenticity. My collections are more than just jewellery - they empower you to find you. My religion is kindness and I want to give back.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Meditation and being consciously connected to source is where I bring through my designs. Each piece has a meaning & value to inspire you to connect to your soul, for you to experience your own inner journey of inner peace. My passion is to help others.


How is your jewellery made?

By carefully selected silversmiths. Once made, each piece is kept with crystals to cleanse & raise the vibration. I make the bracelets, rings and necklaces in my studio using silver, crystals, swarovski, gemstones and pearls, all made with love.

Are there any celebrities you would love to see wearing your designs?

Oprah Winfrey wearing my Peace collection, Angelina Jolie wearing Harmony to heal her heart and Meghan Markle wearing Infinity so she stays in Soul Alignment.

Can you recall a particular moment with a client that will stay with you forever?

I had a beautiful letter from a client who said that wearing her Harmony Spinning Necklace had brought her so much peace, that she had learnt to connect with her inner heart through the meditation that was sent to her.


How do you want someone to feel when they wear your jewellery?

Beauty comes from within, not from what we wear on the outside. My jewellery helps you connect to your inner heart to become aware of who you are. From that connection, you feel empowered, confident, peaceful, connected, love, strong, limitless, free and safe.

If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why?

The PEACE Spinning Globe Necklace. Each Chi collection has a meaning, purpose & value. GlobalSoul is for Unity, Consciousness & Peace that symbolises the whole of the planet. This piece reminds you to send love out to the world.


If you hadn't become a designer, what would you be doing?

A missionary! I'm a natural empath and I feel happy when I am actually helping people and making change. I dream of this one day, just being out there helping people to find joy, peace, safety and to feel love.

Do you have any exciting future plans and where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I'd love to hold retreats to teach the meditations that support my Chi Collections and start a foundation/charity to save children. In 5 years I want the brand to be raising global consciousness and hopefully have a world programme teaching kids to meditate.

What music do you play in the studio whilst you’re working?

I love Satnam Kaur, mostly I listen to chants, soothing relaxing music. The vibration of sound is important to me whilst I work as I am conscious of energy around my jewellery.


What's your favourite quote?

"Everyone is living from their perspective" OMG gamechanger for me. When I understood this, I was able to drop judgement of people and that brought me peace within. Judgement is a negative vibration that affects our inner being.

Which 3 current or historic figures would you have over for a dinner party and why?

Princess Diana - my icon of compassion, a lost soul wanting to be loved. Oprah Winfrey, so we could collaborate and change the world. Frank Sinatra, so he could sing to us whilst us 3 powerful women planned how we could make positive change.