Haute Couture

Paris Haute Couture is one of the most exclusive events in the fashion calendar. This is not just any fashion show, this is a biannual event displaying the awe-inspiring creations of the most skilled fashion artisans around the world. Haute couture finds its origins in the mid-nineteenth century. English fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth would prepare a portfolio of designs and exhibit them on live models for clients to see. Clients would pick the most lavish colours and fabrics, forming custom made gowns to fit their deepest fashion desires. By the twentieth century, major fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Lavin gained the status of empires. Their couture creations would only be worn by the most affluent and famous socialites of the times.

Many people are unaware that Haute Couture comes with a strict set of criteria for designers. For a collection to be worthy of the ‘haute couture’ status, it must be made by a fashion house that employs at least 15 members of full-time workers; have a Parisian atelier employing 20 full-time technical staff; consist of at least 50 original designs; show twice a year in July and January; and of course, produce made-to-order gowns for private clients. This means that haute couture gowns are the most expensive, lavish, superior ensembles known to fashion - and its visible.

The unparalleled craftsmanship of haute couture has been unfolding in Paris over the past week. Haute couture is awe-inspiring, radiant, and sometimes shocking. Valentino’s couture collection even moved frow member Celine Dion to tears. This shows just how influential fashion can be. For me, seeing how designers use jewellery to enhance the incredible gowns is always a highlight. From Schiaparelli’s quirky headpieces and ear cuffs to Armani Privé’s beaded geometric earrings, there was lots of jewellery inspiration to be gained at Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019.

Chandelier Earrings

Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei displayed some incredible accessories within her 2019 Spring Haute Couture collection. The designer wanted her collection to come alive through the imagination of the audience, referencing mythological creatures to encourage such connection. Eastern-inspired patterns and silhouettes were paired with extravagant headpieces. This show was made all the more incredible through the fashion finnesse brought by striking jewellery. Chandelier and drop earrings adorned Pei’s models. Flashes of red and gold in mythological forms and XXL sizes was truly the cherry on top of a dazzling show. Inspired by Pei’s Eastern elegance, discover the three forms of chandelier earrings you need to recreate the haute couture look. The movement created by chandelier earrings make them an eye-catching pick for an evening of opulence.

Large Gold Pagoda Earrings Sapphire Chandelier Earrings Gold Theda Large Tassel Earrings



Chokers are still a classic jewellery item to add a sexy edge to any outfit. Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection consisted of a variety of choker necklaces - some more extravagant than others! This stacked choker necklace (pictured above) is just one example of how to create confidence through your jewellery. Beaded chokers and thin black ribbon-like chokers were also sprinkled within his collection. These jewellery choices perfectly complemented the structured shoulders and androgynous edge of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection. Whether you’re a madame or a monsieur, wear a choker and exude elegance and poise. Keep it simple with Vintouch’s classic gemstone choker. Or deck your neck with Joanna Laura Constantine’s exemplary Chain Nail Choker. For understated romance, Isa Bagnoli’s Golden Orchid Choker creates the perfect balance between feminine and bold.

Golden Orchid Choker Chain Nail Choker Luccichio Garnet Choker Necklace

Isa Bagnoli | Golden Orchid Choker | £328.00


Armani Privé’s restrained use of colour within their haute couture collection was masterly complimented with beautiful beaded headwear and bold geometric earrings. The collection paid homage to the late Bernardo Bertolucci, an Italian film director renowned for many iconic movies such as The Last Tango In Paris. Cinematic drama was captured beautifully though the bold use of texture and clean silhouettes. Armani gestured toward Art Deco aesthetics through contemporary geometric jewellery and ornamental pieces, Capture the elegance of haute couture through daring geometric shapes and styles. The Pendulum Necklace is creates minimalist drama - the clean lines capture the beauty of Armani Privé’s collection. AKA Jewellery’s Concord Geometric Earrings will put the chic in chick as you strut down your own runway sporting this pick. And finally, for some handmade glamour, go for Isla’s Geometric Onyx Ring. Because what’s more iconic than black and gold?

Pendulum Necklace Sterling Silver Double Sided Concord Geometric Earrings Geometric Onyx Ring


Adorn yourself in pearls and look forever stylish. Leading fashion houses Balmain and Chanel used the precious gemstone to embellish their looks. Look at how the pearls enhance the Balmain model’s gorgeous skin. Who knew pearls could cause such a beautiful chaos. Pearls are timeless, chic, and eternally elegant. Whether you’d like to create an understated look with your jewellery. Or you opt for a more daring aesthetic. At JewelStreet, we have the perfect pearly pick fo you. Jean Joaillerie is famous for her beautiful Baroque pearl jewellery. All Baroque pearls are one-of-a-kind. Be fabulously unique with her earrings and pearl necklace and make the pearl style your own. For a contemporary twist on the classic gemstone, go for Arialis’ Sterling Silver Plated Floating Pearl Ring.

14kt Gold Filled Short Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings Sterling Silver Plated Floating Pearl Ring XL Baroque Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace - Silver

Couture Cuffs

Schiaparelli’s colourful and punchy collection was reflected in every aspect of the designs - especially the jewellery. From slogan crystal headpieces to shooting star ear cuffs, Schiaparelli certainly gave us a feast for the eyes with bold jewellery we love. Amongst the plethora of feathers, satin and tulle, feisty ear cuffs popped out from the models’ profiles. An ear cuff is a edgy piece of jewellery that exudes confidence. Suciyan’s ear cuff is unusual and unique. It elegantly wraps around the ear and is adorned with sapphires. If diamonds are your best friend, go all out with Pinomanna’s White Gold & Diamond East Collection Ear Cuffs. Shower your shoulders with sparkles with this premium pick. And for haute couture glamour without the purse-busting price tag, choose Imperfect Grace’s Yellow Gold Sasha Earlobe Huggie to look understated and edgy.

Inverted Traveller Sapphire Ear Cuff Yellow Gold Sasha Earlobe Huggie White Gold & Diamond East Collection Ear Cuffs | Pinomanna