All art is connected. For many jewellery designers, the fluid, provocative and often absurd nature of surrealist art lends itself to the creation of unique and authentic jewellery pieces. The surrealist art movement started to gain momentum in the 1920s. Rejecting traditional notions of life and human existence, surrealist art placed value on dreaming and the unconscious mind.

Championing the unconventional became the surrealist manta. Artist delved beyond reality in their creations, offering new perspectives of viewing life and existence. Many surrealist artists even took to jewellery-making as a form of expression. Dali, Man Ray, and Picasso all created jewellery items that are equally as provocative as their paintings and photographs (read more about it here).

In celebration of the weird and wonderful surrealist art movement, discover these jewellery picks inspired by the forefathers of surrealist art. From Kahlo to Miro, become a masterpiece with this unique style inspiration.

Man Ray

Man Ray jewellery

Man Ray was a prominent contributor to the Dada and Surrealist art movements. Known for his cutting edge photographic style as well as his avant-garde surrealist paintings, this artist experimented in a number of styles. This photograph, titled ‘glass tears’, is perhaps one of the most famous of Man Ray’s. From the suspended tears to the model’s intricate make-up, everything about this photograph is provocative.

Isa Bagnoli’s evil eye earrings are the perfect surrealist jewellery pick to add some artistic finesse to your autumn wardrobe. Handcrafted using plush pearls and topaz gemstones, the teardrops in Man Ray’s photo are echoed subtly in this unique design.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali jewellery

Salvador Dali is considered the forefather of the surrealist art movement. He famously said: ‘Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision’, epitomising the liberation artists felt through this form of expression. Dali created a number of jewellery pieces with Duke Fulco di Vendura, including a pearl lips brooch and diamond eye.

Dali’s melting clocks motif has become an emblem of the artist’s surreal style. Physically impossible, the clock lubricates dialogues concerning time, reality and existence. Why not shake the conversation with jewellery inspired by Salvador Dali? Jo Baker’s cascade ring mimics the look of molten metal, with its fluid form and trailing shapes. Handmade from the jeweller’s studio in London, this unique piece will have you channelling surrealist magic this season.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Jewellery

Frida Kahlo revolutionised the modern art movement. Using her work to comment on feminist issues such as gender roles and violence against the female body, Frida has become an icon for the feminist art movement of today. Frida painted many self-portraits over her career, expressing her pain through artistic creation. Many of her works used surrealist motifs and subject matter to convey this.

Georgian-based designer Kimili create jewellery inspired by famous artists. Their Frida earrings are handcrafted from wood, featuring a painted representation of the Mexican artist. The bold and vibrant colours will add a splash of vivacity to your fashion ensembles this season. Channel the spirit of surrealism with these amazing earrings.

Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico jewellery

Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico was deeply inspired by the nihilistic works of Nietzsche. His paintings contested Western notions of truth and existence, visible through the warped sense of reality in his works. Giorgio de Chirico is one of my favourite surrealist painters. The shadow play and architectural subject matter of his work is striking and sensitive.

Our jewellery designer, Cristina Cipolli was an architect before delving into the world of jewellery. Her pieces have a visible architectural edge, with sculptural forms and sleek designs. Invest in a unique Cipolli piece and add some structural luxury to your jewellery box. Jewellery this elegant doesn’t pass under the radar unnoticed...

Rene Magritte 

Rene Magritte Jewellery

Rene Magritte’s playful and amusing paintings have been long admired by critics and art enthusiasts. His carefree approach to colour and illusion lent itself to the creation of absurd subjects for observers to ponder. Clouds and seascapes became a prominent motif in his paintings. Whilst his earlier word was coined pessimistic and sombre, his later works were praised for their witty and clever content.

Channel some surreal Magritte through your style with Opes Robur’s quirky cloud earrings. Featuring enamel rainclouds and crystal pave thunderbolts, these playful pieces will be your autumn go-to.

Joan Miro

Joan Miro Jewellery

Joan Miro was an artistic chameleon during the surrealist art movement. Creating an array of diverse paintings, ceramics and sculptures in his lifetime, Miro experimented with a number of styles and mediums throughout his career. Much of his surrealistic works have a childlike simplicity that has been highly praised by critics.

This work consists of a subdued colour palette and typical geometric forms, typical to Miro’s style. Soluna’s mosaic ring echoes this painting beautifully, featuring natural gemstones such as mother of pearl. Embrace Miro’s surrealist style with jewellery that’s full of personality and panache.