We’re boycotting jewellery etiquette. 2019 is the year to set new rules when it comes to your jewellery. Today, jewellery design is at its peak. The innovative and unusual creations designers come up with show that jewellery has no boundaries. Designers such as Alan Crocetti and Paola Vilas blur the lines between jewellery and art, showcasing incredibly unique pieces that you’d never imagine could work as jewellery. The only rule you need to follow when it comes to jewellery is to get key pieces that express your personal style. This year, anything and everything goes. Don’t let outdated jewellery rules govern what you wear. Be bold, be unique, be free with your jewellery.

Beauty lies in originality. If everyone followed strict fashion rules, we’d all look the same, and how boring would that be? Here are the most prominent jewellery rules that I encourage you to break in 2019. Champion your individuality and look incredible. 

Never mix metals

My grandmother always told me off for wearing silver jewellery alongside gold jewellery. She gave no reasons for her condemnation, but simply stated that it was a rule for wearing jewellery. In my opinion, this is the first rule that needs to go. What goes better with gold than its icy and chic cousin - silver! Today, many designers use both gold and silver within a single creation. The warm tones of gold or rose gold perfectly compliment cool silver hues. This year, break jewellery etiquette and mix and match your silver and gold jewellery. This edgy ombre ring set shows how beautifully the two colours go together. It’s time to rock this leading look!

Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow Gold Galaxy Ring

Randi Chervitz - Uncommon Threads Jewellery | Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow Gold Galaxy Ring | £696.00

Diamonds are for the night

Of course, nothing compares to a bright and gleaming diamond shining under the moonlight. But whoever said diamonds are not to be worn in the day was seriously misguided. Diamonds twinkle just as brightly at golden hour, or even sunrise if you’re an early bird. The various colours and cuts that diamonds come in lend themselves to daytime fashion as well as night. Check out this diamond ear cuff by Mishanto London. Pack this on your summer getaway to rock with a flowing summer dress or even your bikini. Carpe diem with diamonds this year!

Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Ear Cuff

Mishanto London | Yellow Gold & Diamond Devotion Ear Cuff | £165.00

Full jewellery sets are out

It is said that you should never wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings all at once. This rule literally makes me roll my eyes. Matching jewellery sets were the height of fashion in the 1950s, championed by Hollywood stars and socialites. Today, matching or not, you can look amazing wearing all types and styles of jewellery together. As long as you enhance your look with the right clothing. Just look how incredible Zoe Kravitz looks wearing an array of bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings. The layered look is here to stay. Mix and match your jewellery for a style that remains authentic.

Zoe Kravitz


Embrace the asymmetric

Balance is said to be important when wearing jewellery. You should supposedly balance your jewellery over the left and right sides of your body. For example, if you wear a bracelet on your left wrist you should balance this with a ring on your right hand. This rule needs to be broken. Firstly, asymmetrical jewellery is a huge trend right now. Fashion designers such as Zimmermann and ADEAM opt for bold, mismatched, asymmetric earrings in their collections. So embrace the asymmetric and leave the balance to other aspects of your life! 

Thea Earrings

Enji Studio Jewellery | Thea Earrings | £1,236.00

Signet rings are for crests only

I’m not saying I don’t love a crest signet ring - it’s the most traditional and classic style of the jewellery item. But times have changed and signet rings have evolved into sophisticated fashion accessories. From quirky surface designs to rugged textures, signet rings are a great opportunity to be creative with your jewellery. I’d encourage you to break tradition and go bold with a unique signet ring. Rules are made to be broken, so start with your jewellery!

Majestic Stag Ring

Blush & Bashful | Majestic Stag Ring | £250.00

You can’t wear rings on your ring finger unless you’re engaged

Why let an age-old tradition dictate how and where you wear jewellery. Firstly, I’m not at all superstitious, so I don’t feel doomed when wearing rings on my wedding finger. Secondly, in this age of social progression, many people feel marriage is an outdated institution. Whether this is akin to your own beliefs or not, I think you should be free to wear rings on whichever finger you feel like! Sometimes our rings fit best on our ring finger, so look fabulous and feel great without being restricted by silly rules.

Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

Gabrielle Friedman | Sterling Silver Stacking Rings | £404.00

Like I said, rules are made to be broken. Don't let yourself be tied down by archaic fashion rules. Express yourself and push the boundaries of jewellery. Find your rule-breaking jewellery item today.

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