Most people think of jewellery as a gift that signifies romance. Indeed, gifting your significant other a piece of jewellery is a loving gesture. But some of the most valuable jewellery in my jewellery box has strong family ties. I look down to my finger as I write this, looking at a ring my grandmother gave me during my teenage years. It has rarely left my hand since that day, and is one of my most treasured possessions. I always gift my mum a pair of earrings on special occasions, and she returns the favour on birthdays and Christmas. My mum may not always be spot on when buying me clothes, but with jewellery, she always hits the mark! I suppose, over the years, her tastes for jewellery has rubbed off on me. We both love contemporary silver pieces and always sport quirky earrings. She would definitely recognise half of the items in my jewellery box… I have been known to ‘borrow’ many of her vintage picks.


Reminiscing over the treasures my mother has given me over the years has brought home just how special it is to gift jewellery to your children. Jewellery which holds sentiment and value will forever be treasured. Whether your children are still literally finding their feet, or have blossomed into young adults. Perhaps they may even have children of their own. Gift your darlings a piece of jewellery they can cherish, and pass down to their kids one day. I have chosen the top picks of jewellery that make the perfect gifts for your child. From lockets to charm bracelets. Create magic with jewellery that elegantly epitomises your love for your children.


For your little little ones

18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Tamsui Blue Topaz Bracelet Birthstone Charms Personalised Full Circle Necklace

Giving your newborn a piece of jewellery is a unique and poignant way of celebrating your relationship. They can learn the value of love and generosity through the item you gifted them within their first few days of life. What can be more meaningful than that? Birthstone jewellery is the perfect gift to mark the birth of your child. It embraces their uniqueness, using a sparkling and one-of-a-kind gemstone to celebrate love and life. XISSJEWELLERY’s birthstone charms can be personalised in any way you wish. Add to a bracelet, necklace, or let your little one decide when they’re old enough how they want to wear their first gift. Each birthstone represents a different value, so champion your child’s individuality with this special piece of jewellery. Tsai x Tsai’s designs are inspired by nature and the sea. The fluid form of their 18kt Topaz Bracelet makes a truly stunning gift for your child to treasure. The adjustable bead fastening will adapt to your child as he or she grows up. Give the gift they’ll always cherish with this dazzling bracelet. Create a personalised delight with Posh Totty Design’s Full Circle Necklace. Engrace names or a special message for your child to hold beside their heart.

Lockets of love

Silver Cubic Zirconia 32mm Locket Sterling Silver Limerston Locket Rose Gold Vermeil Garnet Vintage Heart Locket 

Lockets can hold your most treasured memories. Fill a locket with something that means a lot to you and gift to your child. Memories can be kept alive in a locket. Whether you want your child to carry someone’s legacy, or carve their own with something important to them, lockets make the perfect gift in capturing emotion. These three lockets are all different in style, but equal in visual beauty. The first is for the artistic child. The clean Art Deco shapes of Virtue London’s Silver Cubic Zirconia Locket radiates elegance and beauty. This unusual locket consists of a patterned cut-out disc which can be added or removed according to the wearer. For a contemporary locket, Auree Jewellery’s Limerston Locket is personalised with a letter from the alphabet. The sterling silver aesthetic will never go out of style. Finally, for something romantic and traditional, gift your child the Rose Gold Vermeil Garnet Vintage Heart Locket. This stunning item holds two photographs and can be personalised with different gemstones. Items as dazzling as these lockets cannot help but be adored.

The gift that keeps giving

18kt Champagne Diamond Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver Fiona Bracelet Silver Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great gift to give your son or daughter. You can mark their achievements with a special charm that will show your love and pride - making it the gift that keeps giving. There is something so personal about charm bracelets. Each charm holds its own magic, reflecting the interests and passions of the wearer. Syna’s Champagne Diamond Bracelet is for the sophisticated and elegant woman. Your daughter will radiate style with this luxury pick. GEFEN JEWELRY’s Fiona Bracelet is for the kid who kicks convention. It’s unique and organic design makes it the perfect pick for the girl who likes to choose striking and statement jewellery pieces. Finally, Roz Buehrlen’s Silver Charm Bracelet is traditional and timeless. Mix and match with other charms for a dainty and delicate bracelet your child will love.

For your son

Silver Signet Ring Faris Square Midi Silver Bangle Moonstone Yellow Gold Cufflinks

The stereotype that men don’t enjoy receiving jewellery as much as women is so very outdated. In today’s jewellery industry, men can choose from an endless range of jewellery products that perfectly match their style. Gift your son a special piece of jewellery that he can love, and perhaps pass down to his own son one day. With this intention, you want the jewellery to be classic and timeless, so my first pick is of course, a signet ring. Signets have a long familial history. Many signet rings show one’s family crest on the face, thus the signet ring has deep connotations of loyalty and family values. L. SHOFF’s signet rings are not only fashion-forwards, they are eternally elegant. This silver signet ring consists of a hand-cut fossilised dinosaur bone inlay… need I say more? What man can say he wears a prehistoric artifact everyday? Now that’s what I call unique. My next pick is a chic silver bangle by Anchor & Crew. It’s fluid and simple form means this bracelet will be on-trend for years to come. Finally, every man needs a special pair of cufflinks. The gold and amber coloured gemstones exude effortless style. Your son can treasure these gorgeous picks and cherish the moment you gave him this meaningful gift.

For your daughter

Sterling Silver Rainbow Ear Jackets 18kt Gold Smoky Quartz Ear Cuff Left Circle Stud Earrings

You know your daughter best - her tastes, her interests and her jewellery style. Even so, I have chosen my top three pair of earrings that I would want my mother to give me (Mum, if you’re reading, the Perle de Lune is my favourite!) I’m not sure I can explain my strange affinity with earrings, but they will forever be my favourite item of jewellery. They’re diverse, you can mix and match them, and they fit any and every occasion. My first pick is the Jana Reinhardt Rainbow Ear Jackets. One cannot help but feel joy and happiness with these beautiful ear jackets! Give joy to your daughter with colourful earrings that radiate delight. My second pick is the Perle de Lune Smoky Quartz Ear Cuff. The name alone evokes mystery and romance - just look at the misty chocolate gemstones. Asymmetrical jewellery is on-trend, so gift this ear cuff to your daughter and show her you know how to get the hottest fashion picks. Finally, for a timeless pair of glamorous studs, choose the Circle Stud Earrings by Cosanuova. The crisp white gemstones sparkle in the light. Your daughter will dazzle in these luxurious earrings, given lovingly to her by her mother and father.

Give your child jewellery that will be cherished forever. Discover our collection of gifts with meaning below.