Jewellery to go with your Prom Dress

It’s prom season, and you need some jewellery to go with your prom dress. The next few months will likely be taken over by prom prep like this. Who will be your date? How will you get there? And more importantly… what will you wear? 

You may have already found your dream dress, but your look isn’t finished quite yet. Jewellery is so important, and can make or break your prom-perfect look. 

We’ve matched our favourite jewellery pieces with the top 4 kinds of dresses that are on trend this year. You’ve said yes to the promposal but now it’s time to say yes to the jewellery. What does our jewellery locker have in store for you? Stay tuned...

For a strapless dress

A strapless dress is one of the most popular options for prom attire. They are easy to style, easy to wear and incredibly flattering for all body shapes. 

However, if you don’t wear a necklace with this style of dress, then your neckline can appear to look a bit empty. This is especially the case if you are planning on styling your hair in an up-do too.

Consider a trendy choker or powerful pendant. Alternatively you can opt for a minimalist look on the neckline, and instead draw attention to your face by framing it with a large pair of chandelier earrings. This look is chic and elegant. Who needs a disco ball when you’re already got the glistening diamond drops?

Jewellery to go with your Prom Dress

Rose Gold Beleza Choker   Rhodium Plated Element Chandelier Earrings   Classic Diamond April Choker

Murkani Jewellery | Rose Gold Beleza Choker | £134.00
VOA Fine Jewellery | Classic Diamond April Choker | £994.00

For a ballgown dress

Big ball gown skirts are actually easier to accessorise than any other kind of dress. They’re statemented, bold and unapologetic in style. 

It is because of this that they require the exact opposite in terms of jewellery. We’re talking soft and subtle accents that will accompany the dress and not fight it for the limelight. 

Consider wearing a dainty bracelet and an accent ring. Don’t detract from the dress. Instead, draw the eye with subtle sparkles. Diamond studs are the perfect earring choice for you here.

Jewellery to go with your Prom Dress

Sterling Silver Harmony Heart Stretch Bracelet   Sterling Silver Little Heart Link Paradise Pendant Necklace   Atomic Mini Blue Lace Agate Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

GlobalSoul Jewellery | Sterling Silver Harmony Heart Stretch Bracelet | £49.00

For a bold print dress

Again, you need to think along the lines of minimalism and understated accessories for this look. Your dress can do the talking, but your jewellery will set the foundations of a conversation. 

Prints are powerful. Floral patterns can be easily paired with floral jewellery. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe with the obvious option.

But why not consider thinking a little outside of the box? Why not reach for another shape like animals or shells? We have the quirky jewellery for a quirky gal like you. Show your friends that you set the trends this prom season!

Jewellery to go with your Prom Dress

Plated Sterling Silver Shell Earrings   24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sea Shell Necklace   Long Drop Hoop Earrings With Amethyst In Lavender

SoftDream by LauraGalasso | 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sea Shell Necklace | £128.00

For a sequin dress

If you’re a sequin girl, you probably love anything over the top and expressive. Who are we to tame you? Go for gold with sparkling jewellery that will rival any treasure chest. 

For this kind of look, however, I'd suggest that you pick out items with thin chains with dazzling charms as the main feature. Thicker chains are lovely, but can clutter your look. Especially when you’re already busy sparkling away on the dance floor. 

Finally, match up your jewellery metal to your dress colour. Gold sequins? Gold jewellery. Silver sequins? Silver jewellery. Multi-coloured sequins? Try holding up your gold and silver jewellery that you already have at home next to it. Ask family members and friends for advice on which suits best. Usually, you’ll get a unanimous answer. Best of luck!

Jewellery to go with your Prom Dress

Sequins Earrings   Yellow Gold Plated Sparkling Oval Disc Earrings   Rhodium Plated Open Star Stud Earrings

Spratling Silver | Sequins Earrings | £195.00
Latelita London | Rhodiium Plated Open Star Stud Earrings | £65.00