Jewellery to make me look younger

Cosmetic surgery, weight loss pills, photoshop fails and anti-aging creams are things of the past. We’ve discovered new ways for you to make yourself look younger… and these are guaranteed to actually work. Take a look at our top jewellery picks and tips for a more youthful looking appearance. Join us as we turn back the clock, and rejuvenate your jewellery box collection. 

The remedy to sagging skin...

As we get older our ears start to sag. Be gentler on your ears as the years go by, and transition from the big statement earrings you used to wear on an evening to lightweight and comfortable studs. 

Elasticity in your skin, coupled with loss of collagen can mean that your skin doesn’t quite seem as taught and smooth as it used to be. 

The battle: Comfort vs. Aesthetic 

Be kind to your skin and take care of it, especially as you age. A simple pair of studs can be more practical too, and are a great match for your busier lifestyle. No time? No problem. 

Likewise, if you’re on the road to retirement, it can be tiresome to think about styling your jewellery day-in and day-out. A pair of comfortable studs will alleviate the hassle. It’s an elegant look that requires little to no effort. 

Nicolette Studs   Arrow Studs   Eclipse Orb Studs

Lustre of London | Nicolette Studs | £45.00
Lucy Quartermaine | Arrow Studs | £55.00
Hazel NY | Eclipse Orb Studs | £310.00

The new-age treatment for aging...

The trend of wearing a matching jewellery set is typically associated with older age. You probably remember your grandmother, or even great-grandmother wearing her precious set of matching pearls.

Wearing all matching jewellery can look incredibly dated and can age you by years. There is a way to make pearls pretty again, and we have the exact pieces for you...

The battle: Mixing vs. Matching

Sometimes, there is such a thing as being too matchy. Mixing up your jewellery has become so current, and so on trend. 

Join the youth of today and defy the traditional jewellery myths. You need not be confined by sticking to only gold or silver. Wear both. Or even better, inject a splash of colour into your wardrobe. Confidence grows as you get older, so make the most of this new lease of life!

You want to imbue your style with energy, vitality and vibrancy. Mixing your metals, and mixing your designs is the way back to the future.

Hun Pitou Yellow Gold Vermeil and Silver Chain Necklace   White & Rose Gold Personalised Unisex Wedding Band   Gold Serengeti Bangle

Tezapsidis Jewellery | White & Rose Gold Personalised Unisex Wedding Band | £443.00
Betty Balaba | Gold Serengeti Bangle | £2,145.00

Covering up those “problem” areas...

Honey, there is definitely no “problem” with aging. There is something so beautiful about the grace, wisdom and elegance that come with older age. Embrace it! 

However, if you are looking to draw attention away from certain areas, then jewellery is the solution to all your problems. 

The battle: Showing vs. Hiding

If you really dislike your hands as they age, then switch out your rings for pretty pendants. Alternatively, if you dislike your neck and décolletage area, then you can wear a few beautiful bangles to draw attention to your wrists instead. 

Jewellery can be a great illusionary tool. You can decide where you want people to look, and where you want their eyes to avoid. There is no need to hide your body, you should be proud of it. Instead, show off your best features and draw attention to those.

    Unity Thick Bangle     Yellow Gold Caged Pearl BangleSilver & 9kt Yellow Gold Bead Torque Bangle 

Corinne Hamak | Unity Thick Bangle | £655.00
Laura Adele Jewellery | Yellow Gold Caged Pearl Bangle | £340.00
Jeremy Heber Jewellery | Silver & 9kt Yellow Gold Bead Torque Bangle | £190.00