Jewellery to say "Well Done"

It’s that time of year again. Your family are as strong as ever, your best friends are flourishing, you’re chasing your life goals...and everyone is generally succeeding in life. Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and appreciate this.

Congratulatory gifts are on the rise. A handmade jewellery present is a token of achievement and will have sentimental ties for as long as the recipient holds it dear.

It can be extremely thoughtful and meaningful to give your loved ones a “Well Done” gift. Why? Because it makes them feel good. It shows them that even though others may not appreciate their hard graft, you do.

There are a number of occasions that warrant a “Well Done” gift. We’ve picked out some of our favourite pieces to match each major life event. Take a look...

Passing GCSEs and Exams

GCSEs can be extremely overwhelming. Whether it’s your children, your cousins, your friend, niece or nephew, it’s a nice thought to buy a congratulatory gift when their exams are finally over.

They’ve spent years preparing for this exact moment, and stress is extremely high. The relief that will wash over them when the final paper is handed in will take a huge weight of their shoulders.

Why not say “Well Done” for all the effort they’ve put in? Get them a piece of handmade jewellery that will be with them for the foreseeable future. From their future days at university, to their first full-time job, this is jewellery to last a lifetime.

It’s not just jewellery, it is a memory. A token of their motivation, perseverance… not to mention a reminder of their worth.

For a GCSE or exam jewellery gift, we would suggest purchasing a charm bracelet and small charms to add on.

 Sterling Silver Peace Globe Charm   Silver Charm Bracelet   Rose Gold Angel Wings Small Pendant Charm

GlobalSoul Jewellery | Sterling Silver Peace Globe Charm | £46.00
Roz Buehrlen | Silver Charm Bracelet | £90.00

Buying their first house

Buying your first house is a huge achievement, and there is no housewarming gift more sought after than the gift of handmade jewellery.

Whilst others drop off the plates, cutlery and cushions, you can stand out of the crowd with a luxury jewellery gift to rival all other gifts.

For this “Well Done” present, we would suggest an engraved item. You could have their moving in date inscribed on the jewellery, or the initials of the new homeowner’s name.

The recipient will definitely not see this one coming!

Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet   Personalised Bar Sterling Silver Pendant   Sterling Silver Personalised Disc Necklace

Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet | £105.00

Getting a new job or promotion

Cards and flowers are so last year.

Your loved one has accepted a new job role at a new company and needs to make a good impression on their first day. You can gift them a piece of jewellery that will exude the essence of stylish professionalism that they need.

For this gift, we would suggest a pair of cufflinks or stud earrings.

This is jewellery that won’t get in the way of their busy day-to-day working lifestyle.

Cronus Cufflinks    Yellow Gold Blue Dot Stud Earrings   Silver Mooncrater Cufflinks

Faystone | Cronus Cufflinks | £462.00
Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk | Yellow Gold Blue Dot Stud Earrings | £300.00
Damian J. Miles | Silver Mooncrater Cufflinks | £95.00

Having a baby

We have spoken about push presents before here on JewelStreet, and we’re so behind the trend of gifting to post-natal mums. They’ve done all the hard work!

New mums deserve to be spoiled and pampered. This is the opportune time for you to gift your congratulatory present. For this type of gift, we would suggest a piece of jewellery for both mum and baby. Why not invest in two matching pieces. One will be for mum to wear, and one will be for baby to wear when he/she becomes a teenager.

This is timeless, sentimental, luxury and poignant jewellery. It is representative of the unbreakable bond between mother and child. They will treasure these pieces forever.

14kt Yellow Gold Pink Ruby Bracelet   Personalised Family Names Deco Necklace   Sterling Silver Love & Compassion Bracelet

Posh Totty Designs | Personalised Family Names Deco Necklace | £99.00
Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation | Sterling Silver Love & Compassion Bracelet | £30.00