I think I speak for the majority of the human race when I say - interviews are terrifying. While we’re taught at a young age to never judge a book by its cover, that is exactly what an interview does. When you give over your CV and go for an interview, your (hopefully) future employer is going to determine whether you’re the right fit for the company. Therefore, it’s important to look the part at an interview, to show that you’re professional and to make a good first impression. Here are a few general tips of what to wear when you’re going for an interview.

Clothes give a rough idea of who you are as a person before you even start speaking. So make sure you look the part before you show them that you ARE the part. Always have a staple interview outfit. This can be a smart shirt and fitted trousers or a flattering dress. Pick block colours to keep your look simple, understated and to make sure the focus will be on you and not your clothes. Avoid too many patterns as they can be distracting!

Let’s move on to jewellery. Before I get into interview jewellery that you should be wearing, here are some rules to remember when it comes to accessorising for an interview. Accessories are a great way to get your fun side across, but you don’t want anything that will distract your interviewer. Don’t pick jewellery that is too loud or gaudy, as your interviewer will be looking at your jewellery rather than listening to what you’re saying. It’s also good to pick jewellery that goes with your outfit. You don’t want to clash your jewellery with your clothes, as your interviewer will be wondering why you chose to wear that, rather than “wow, they’re perfect for the job.” Remember that less is more, so avoid multiple piercings, stacking rings and even too much makeup and perfume.

Here are some staple jewellery pieces that will help you look the part at your interview.

Avoid - Drop earrings

Choose - Simple studs

In an interview, the interviewer will be looking at your face, as you’ll be answering their questions. Therefore, you don’t want to distract them from your face and from what you’re saying. Earrings frame the face and give a structured and balanced look. Long earrings, like drops or chandeliers can shake and bob around while you’re talking. This will not only distract your interviewer but can do the same to you. The movement of your earrings can annoy you and throw you off, making you look easily distracted and unfocused. Instead, pick studs or small diameter earrings that hang just below the lobe. Studs are easy, classic and fun to wear and add a great shape and texture to the face. Pick classic jewellery colours like gold or silver or choose a gemstone, like pearls or diamonds.


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Avoid - Too many rings

Choose - A signet ring

While stacking rings are very in this season, they don’t look very professional in an interview, especially if you're applying for a job where you’ll be using your hands. Pick one or two rings, ideally one for each hand for more fun and variety to your interview look. Many articles recommend wearing a wedding band but if you’re not married, a signet ring is a fashionable and smart ring to wear for an interview. Sat on the pinky or index finger, it adds a subtle sparkle and is a classic accent for an interview and for the workplace.

P.S. While you should try not to fiddle with your hands while you’re talking, it is more subtle fiddling with just one ring than multiple!


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Avoid - OTT colours

Choose - Pretty pastels and nudes

As said above, block and simple colours are the best options for an interview. Too many colours or patterns can distract people. You want your interview to be all about you and who you are as a person and employer, so pick jewellery colours that will match and blend into your overall look. Pastels and nudes are pretty and subtle colours that are perfect for an interview. Depending on what clothes you’re wearing, you can really play around with pastel colours. If you’re wearing a black and white ensemble, pick a brighter pastel colour, like yellow or pink. Alternatively, if you’re wearer a louder colour like a red dress, steer towards nude accessories.


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Avoid - Statement necklaces

Choose - Pendant necklaces

Statement necklaces or necklaces with big prints can be distracting. While it is encouraged to express yourself with your jewellery and clothes, with interviews it is best to tone it down. Pendant necklaces are the perfect necklace for an interview. Pick a pendant in a simple shape like a heart, circle or star, or go for something more fun and quirky to subtly show who you are, rather than a big image on a oversized necklace. Pendant necklace are a chance for you to really play with length. Choose a pendant which lays against your chest to add a pretty accent to your smart dress, or a pendant that falls down the body, elongating your outfit.


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